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I love it when you say projectile missile

I love it when you say projectile missile

So what will Saddam be doing for the next seven days?

Day 1: Laugh maniacally
Day 2: Twiddle his thumbs
Day 3: Watch reruns of Justice League on his TiVo
Day 4: Play Yahoo! Monopoly with Scott Ritter
Day 5: Torture a few innocent people
Day 6: Make out his holiday list
Day 7: Realize, a bit too late, that this time we were serious.

So all this talk of killing Saddam has made me frisky. A few more well placed comments about men going to battle and missiles and war heads and I may have to follow up on my promise to join the wet-t shirt photo op brigade when I get home.

Talk war to me, baby!


What? No time reserved for spanking off to the Victoria's Secret all-burkah catalogue?

For Saddam, torturing people is more than a hobby. I say he mostly spends his 7 days doing that.

How 'bout some war talk? I'll get my Bangalore Torpedo ready.

We weren't serious all those other times??