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the pass is complete!

the pass is complete!

Congratulations! You have been approved!

I wonder what Saddam is doing right now. Besides pissing his pants, I mean.

By the way, unfettered access has become my favorite phrase. I try to use it whenever possible. It's very sexy if you use it the right way.

(If I appear to be sex-obsessed today, blame Mr. Daily Pundit, whose pop-up ads beckon me with "instant erections!" every time I go to his site)


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So many people against the war use the "no international backing" argument (among others). Looks like that idea is going down the tubes...

I wonder what Saddam is doing right now. Besides pissing his pants, I mean.

Well, maybe visiting Mr. Daily Pundit, for information on those "instant erections."

I doubt Saddam is smart enough to be scared enough to piss his pants. I agree with Jason... I think you'll find that if (when?) Saddam fails to comply the US will have the support of other countries. I hope Canada will be one of them. Not that you need us...

The term 'unfettered access' gives me instant erections. You should bottle it and market it.

Its wonderful to have ......un..fettered...acc.sess to this site !!
Could not agree more so do you think the rest of the world pays attention to US elections ??