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Rock the Casbah

Rock the Casbah!

"When this resolution passes, I will be able to say that the United Nations has recognized the threat and now we're going to work together to disarm him," Bush said. "And he must be cooperative in the disarmament."

VRWC translation: "Actually, we never really cared what the U.N. thought. This is just a formality. That fucker is a threat to our security and future and we all know he will never cooperate. Hell awaits him."

"This time would be the 17th time that we expect Saddam Hussein to disarm; this time we mean it," the president said. "This time, it's for real."

VRWC translation: "Obviously a time-out in the corner has not worked. Time to take out the belt."

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Yuri Fedotov, quoted by the Interfax news agency, said "the draft has undergone significant changes, the main one is that the 'automaticity' of the use of force against Iraq has disappeared."

Great. Automaticity isn't really a word in the strictest sense, so it doesn't count. It's like having your fingers crossed when you make a promise. Tricked ya!

That rumbling sound you just heard is the far left running out to the streets to protest. Keep yelling kids. No one is listening.

What a great time to think of a Pro-War Jingle and win a contest! You have 8 more hours to get your entries in.

How could I have forgotten this? I present to you my personal theme for the War on Iraq, brought to you by Wesely Willis:

Play that rock lead guitar
Rock it like a magikist
Rock and roll is the joyride music
Whip that snow leopard's ass

Rock Saddam Hussein's ass
Rock Saddam Hussein's ass
Rock Saddam Hussein's ass
Rock Saddam Hussein's ass

Play that Westone guitar
Rock it to the break of dawn
Rock in on the mic in front of 50,000 people
Rock the jam session on Saddam Hussein

Rock Saddam Hussein's ass
Rock Saddam Hussein's ass
Rock Saddam Hussein's ass
Rock Saddam Hussein's ass


Willis is a personal hero of mine. He whupped Batman's ass, for goodness sake!

Rock over London! Rock on Chicago!

Keep yelling kids. No one is listening.

I find that statement sad. Not that the government has to agree with a protest, but that dissent should be simply ignored. Of course, those are your words, and not those of President Bush.

We've been listening to dissent for years now, it's time we just ignored those who would offer no viable solutions in their protests and moved forward with our National needs.

Long live the VRWC!