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jump shot

jump shot

I'm off to start my second stint as a coach for Natalie's PAL basketball team. I hope I don't get the sophomore jinx.

Then again, like Natalie said, "Mom, it's not like you really knew anything. We practically coached ourselves."

Don't forget about the Pro-War Jingle/Poem/Whatever contest. I still need three more judges.

War is coming. Don't be caught without a catchy song to sing.


Michele, I really thought your post was awesome before, I wasn't bashing it at all if that's how you took it... I really like the site, and your frank mannerisms are awesome! that's all I was commenting on... Well, Have fun at PAL.

I just said Fucknozzle on coldfury. Royalty cheque is in the post.

Pick me, Pick Me, I wanna be a judge!

If you let me judge
I will render decisions
Solely in haiku.

Ah, youth basketball coaching. I've got several years of that. There seem to be three types.

1. "My parents are making me do this so fuck you."

2. "I know everything so fuck you."

3. "I get to play basketball and you're going to help??? Cool!"

3 is the rarest, but worth the effort to find.