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The Daily VRWC Bulletin

The Daily VRWC Bulletin...

The Indymedia Pro-War Jingle Contest is running at full speed. Because the response has been good, I will offer a prize at the end. I need four people to volunteer as judges, as I remove myself from the judging. Greepeace members need not apply.

Ravenwood, my new hero, has taken it upon himself to make a page recording all the members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy who have official membership cards. If I made a card for you, please send a copy back to me as I didn't save any of them. If you would like to apply for membership, just email me (michele@NOSPAMrhzine.com - remove the nospam obviously) with your name or alias, who you want your sponor to be and a small picture or reasonable fascimile. If you don't include a picture I will be forced to conjure one up for you. Tin foil hats arrive in the mail ten days after your membership is confirmed. Thank you Ravenwood!

All members of the VRWC owe it themselves to visit and read through the 50-odd comments of this thread to see why it's so important to take on the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, our arch enemies.

Juan Gato was briefly mentioned on MSNBC's weblog thing; they actually just linked to his site but didn't mention his name. As I mentioned here before, a link from MSNBC is a guarantee of an avalanche of oh.....6 hits or so. That's in two weeks time. Juan is certainly underwhelmed by the notoriety brought to him by being linked on the site that practically slandered Charles Johnson.

So help me prove that I can send more hits to Juan Gato and his bucket o'rants than that insipid "professional" website can. Go visit him. He's got a great blog, he's super intelligent and very funny, and besides, I said so. Do it For The Children(tm).


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I'll be a judge. I'm the most judgemental bitch on the planet...ask anyone.

Awww...I'd blush if I hadn't just finished my daily bloodletting.

I think you've already pasted MSNBC.

Yeah, Juan and I got simultaneous MSNBC links. (And to think some couples work fruiltessly for years to acheive that. Anyway.)

I think maybe they've sent four hits my way -- and that's with all the big election coverage.

MSNBC remains clueless about blogging.

You'd be surprised how many pages you'd think would deliver "massive traffic" don't send all that much. I don't know of anyone in the blogging world other than Reynolds who is guaranteed to send at least 500. Sullivan probably would but I've never gotten a link from him.