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up, up and atom!

up, up and atom!

I've had hits from The Internation Atomic Energy Association before. But never as many as this. See all the red area in the graph below (click for large version)? That is all hits form IAEA. Out of approximately 3100 distinct hits yesterday, 59% of them came from the IAEA. Whoever was doing the looking clocked over 6,000 page requests. I wish I knew how to figure out exactly what pages they were looking at and why in the world someone at the IAEA is so interested in this site. (Solly also had the same thing happen this week)

Just for the record, I have no Weapons of Mass Destruction anywhere on my property, unless you count my son. I know nothing about atomic energy. I am not now nor have I ever been associated with Scott Ritter.

I'm going to be looking over my shoulder all day today.


A couple of months ago, I was getting hits like that from Fujitsu in Japan. What it ended up being was a webcrawler they were using for their cache system. It came to my site one day, and hoovered the entire thing. It returned every other day from then on, until I edited my 'robots.txt' file to exclude it.

Perhaps someone had gained access to one of these computers, and was using it to launch an (ineffective) denial of service attack?

Hackers usually don't do mischief from their own machines; they prefer to break into other people's computers, and prefer those with high-bandwidth access.

They've been hitting everyone. They first showed up on my site a day or so after I posted about the lies the Shrub was telling about the supposed IAEA report on Iraqi nukes (doesn't exist).

When I asked about it yesterday, suddenly lots of folks were chiming in about it. Odd, very odd. Enough to make one wonder.

I had hits from them a few months ago...Mike has the right of it, it's a crawler looking for certain keywords.

Oh, hand the kid over! lol You know very well that little boy can cause far more destruction than anything currently known to man!! LMAO :o)

I'm getting tons of hits from them... I still haven't figured out where I'm linked on their site :-)

Leave my nephew out of it! He's an pure angel! ;)

i think it's the governments cover to find out the subversives on the war in iraq.

its a fucknozzle search,plain and simple

I'm amazed I tell you, amazed! It took 9 comments for someone to finally work fucknozzle into theirs :)

We are collecting the information for your own good. You can trust us. We are the government.

And ignore the black helicopters.

Duhhhh..."until I edited my 'robots.txt' file to exclude it"...

Solonor: Biggest. Moron. Ever.

Nothing to worry about, Michele. They can't come into your home and search until France, Russia, and Greenpeace all reach agreement on it.

Update: Solonor found less guilty of stupidity than previously suspected.

I just checked through my log file in detail. They must be using a bot, because they hit every page in less than a minute (or they read really fast). However, it's not a standard, play-by-the-rules-and-check-robots.txt-first bot.

Why did I think it might be? (Hmm...checking on that moron thing again...)

Who's got the tinfoil hats?

I get bad hits from them every month. My guess is more than a search engine. I think someone's piggybacking off their URL.

Has Glenn Reynolds been classified as a Pundit of Mass Destruction yet?


You can telnet or ssh to your account and view the raw log. The only problem is that the log is pruned when the stats program runs each night, so you can only see the access attempts that happened since the last stats run. But if you think that they're still accessing your site, you can tell exactly what they're accessing.

The log to look at is the "access.log", which would be located in ~/logs/asmallvictory.net/http.

Ok, that's probably enough geek talk for now. You can email me if you're actually interested enough in this to look at the log.