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question of the day

question of the day...

Ok, one from the sordid mailbag today:

Dear Michele,

Would you have sex with me? Please?

Frank the Cheetah

Dear Frank,

Please send your credentials including, but not limited to, penis size, relevant experience, fetishes, a clean bill of health, a list of previous partners, a description of your pain threshold, a picture of you wearing a rubber suit, a picture of you in a dress, stockings and high heels, two forms of ID, and your social security number.

Oh, and NO.



Still, it's always nice to know you have options.

Thanks for not using my real name.

what do you need to get a YES? Cuz I'm as horny as a jack rabbit right now.

Jackrabbits have horns? I thought that was a jackelope?

I was packing my bag until you got to the social security number. I don't give that out.

ummmm... wasn't me...

I once had a guy write and ask me if I would send him my dirty underwear. I jokingly replied "Sure. What's your address?" He must have thought I was serious, because he actually e-mailed it to me. I thought about sending him a pair of male briefs or something like that, but in the end decided it was best not to encourage his weirdness.

Hell, darlin,' I'll do every bit of that, just to buy you a nice dinner.

I just happen to like rubber suits, that's all...