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hands on your head and spread 'em

hands on your head and spread 'em

The Rueters headline reads:

Republicans Seize Control of Congress

I had this vision of an army of Vast Right Wing Conspirators marching into Congress with machine guns and hand grenades and taking control.


To grasp suddenly and forcibly; take or grab
To grasp with the mind;
To have a sudden overwhelming effect
To take into custody; capture.
To take quick and forcible possession of; confiscatealso seise (sz)
To put (one) into possession of something.

Ok. Seize it is.


Unfortunately, seize is an appropriate word. Too appropriate. sigh (Oh, wait. I forgot. I don't get to complain. Oops, sorry!)

Ok. Seize it is.

Well, alrighty then. Let's get on it. It's clobberin' time! Whiners to the back of the boat.

Only if you didn't vote, Christine. Otherwise, the Constitution still holds.

What, no scare quotes from Reuters?

"Republicans" "seize" "control" "of" "Congress"

"Oh my stars and garters, this is just like how it happened in 'The Handmaid's Tale'." Let's dial down the melodrama, OK, Reuters?

Hrm, Ironic.
You use the word terrorism freely redefining its meaning, but someone uses the word sieze out of context and you're calling them on it.

Although, I don't believe its the appropriate use of the word. We, the people, chose our elected rulers. We may have done so ignorantly removing the checks and balance system that has protected us for many years, but that was our choice as a nation and we therefore should take responsibility for such and ultimately will.

"seize this, honky!"

"seize this, honky!"

Struck me as a bitter verb as well. If Dems had seized control it would have been something more like "HAPPY CLUELESS DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!"

Now I wonder who will jump ship to get control back over to Daschle.

Oh by the way if you like conspiracies on assorted topics check out CTRL.org http://www.ctrl.org/ sometime. They should have some good ones coming up in regards to election. But be warned...there will be a lot of people on the list that you will want to strangle. Actually it might be good for you to go there and straighten a lot of them out or chase them off alltogether.

Like you say...one could go on all day with these people, but at some point you have to eat...and deficate. Which brings me to my next point...any luck on the pda version of this blog yet? I like to read it while...well, you know.

Come on Michele--
You know that machineguns and grenades are ILLEGAL.
When we (the Special Forces of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) went in to take over the Congress we just had a copy of the Communist Manifesto that we threatened to burn if they didn't immediately surrender. There was no resistance, but carting those fools away was severely hampered by the quantity of tears and urine which exuded from them immediately after the threat was made.

Long Live the Conspiracy.

"We may have done so ignorantly removing the checks and balance system that has protected us for many years"

At the risk of adding seriousness to this levity: uhhhhh... exactly how did we do that, Edgar? AFAIK all the Constutional checks and balances are still in place, and all wethepeople did was elect a majority of one party to both houses and the presidency. Not for the first time, either.

It's no longer deadlock, but we're also in the middle of a war so responsiveness is nice.

Some people on the losing side are having problems with their grip, methinks!

Thanks for mentioning that, Troy. Last time I was in a high school civics class I think someone mentioned that the checks and balances are between the judicial, the executive and the legislative branches of our government, not between the democratic and republican parties. People are acting like the every member of the senate is now a gun waving christian fundamentalist --and they've started mailing out draft cards.
Come on. There are still plenty of democrats in there who are ready to stand up and talk all day about grandma's soup recipe at taxpayer expense so that the republicans can't vote to replace state troopers with the national guard.
The republicans aren't all the one voice, either. They will soon start stabbing each other in the back in order to please the pork barrel and special interest groups that got them elected just like they always do. That's why the system works.