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there's got to be a morning after

there's got to be a morning after...

I made ten VRWC ID cards so far. For the people who have emailed me this morning wanting cards, you will have to be patient as I don't have Photoshop here at work. And there are only so many miracles you can work with MS Paint.

I still haven't figured out what the Dems' platform was. Looking back now, there was no cohesiveness to their campaign and that lost the Dems a lot of voters.

In my specific polling district in Nassau County, Democrats usually prevail. This time, Pataki ruled with flying colors. McCall and Golisano were abandoned at the polling booth. In fact, Pataki crossed over so well that there were several Dems standing on the stage with him when he made his victory speech, slapping backs and glad handing.

Like many other people, I think the bad taste left by the Wellstone aftermath made a lot of borderline voters swing to the right side.

I think this is where it gets ugly. The accusations and conspiracy theories and claims of voter fraud will begin. Babs will claim that the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy coalition was out killing registered Democrats in their sleep. Noam and Moore will look for "root causes" as to the collapse of the anti-Republican movement.

The more things change......


Yup. I want a card.

Secondly, I was dreaming of all the conspiracy theories that would start today and was just about to post a "let the conpsiracy theories begin" post on my little blog. Once again, you beat me to it.

Whoops... looks like I hit the wrong comment thingy. You post too fast ;)

So, I ask again: Can us Canadians (or Soviet Canuckistanians perhaps) join the VRWC, or is it strictly for the USAians?

I'd like one...do you think that picture of my breast would be appropriate? :P

Kyle: All Candadians except for Celine Dion are welcome.

Stacy: You swore that picture was just for me. I am not sharing it with the world.

Schweet. Sign me up. I promise I'm not Celine.

The Democrats HAD a platform? Most of the dems that I saw were running on their votes for Bush's initiatives.