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just a thought...

Just a thought..

I'm going to miss those phone calls from the President imploring me to vote.

I'm going to miss seeing Tom Golisano's floating head in my dreams at night.

I'm not going to miss the endless stream of paper junk mail from candidates claiming that they are earth-friendly.

I'm not going to miss the red, white and blue lawns signs decorating my neighborhood like the Fourth of July.

I'm not going to miss the mud-slinging, slanderous, nasty ads on the radio.

The end of Election Day signals one very important thing to me; I better start Christmas shopping.

What do you all want?


Can I have 50,000 lost votes to get Davis out of office?

If not, how about a new Bike?

Rabbit Pearl.

I thought that said Rabbi Pearl....

I want a pony.

i want prince charming to ride up on a pomegranite, whisking me away a la Calgon to a quiet place like Paris or the like, where he'll buy me fine coffee, stimulate my brain, then take me home for the best cunnilingus EVER followed by triple-orgasm sex.

hook me up, yo.

I'm with Bran.

Or just shit from Amazon.

Ha HA! I already have Rabbit Pearl! Bunny Does it Better!!! And as for Bran's wishes? Mmmmm... have had that too - recently... (well, not in Paris, but I'll work on that.) Oh, but he wasn't riding a pomegranite. Who cares about the trivial details though?

So for Christmas, I would like ... Oh! A plane ticket to NY so I can come and visit YOU! (Or stuff from my Amazon wishlist. Whatever works for you...)

Mine's easy... more gratuitous cleavage shots.

Nothing thanks, Last night should hold me over to 2004 quite well. Michelle, fantastic site. It has become a daily read.

I think you already know what I want...

can i change my answer? i've decided what i really want for Christmas. i want a photo of Michele in a fuzzy bunny suit holding a sign reading, "Give Peace A Chance." yessss.

Is it nice there in Bizarro world, Bran?

Is it nice there in Bizarro world, Bran?

Can I have a "Rhetoric/Bullshit Translator Device™"?

It would be a device that translates political, sexual, religious and legal goobledygook into what the speaker ACTUALLY means. So, regardless of the questions, I could get straight answers.

Like, "Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES." would come out "You people are SOOO screwed."
Or "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." would come out "We did the freaky right there on the presidential seal."
Or "We reserve the right to persue legal recoursze at our dicretion." would be "We will sue your ass whenever we want to, just because there was nothing good on TV that day."

I could use something like that.