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retain, reject, recount

retain, reject, recount

I woke up at 4am like a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to see what was under my Election Day tree.

Oh, presents! Not the least of which is the Seventh Edition of the Carnival of the Vanities.

Best present: Republicans take over Senate and keep the House.

It looks like I will keep both my bosses for at least another year - recounts and absentee ballots notwithstanding. I don't mean to sound gleeful over their losses but they are still judges and I can't feel that awful knowing that my work environment won't be in a state of upheaval like I feared.

I was a little disappointed in some of the local races; my loathing of Eliot Spitzer is rivaled only by my loathing of Carolyn McCarthy and they both won soundly.

In some of the races I was following in other states, Florida voted to restrict indoor smoking, Arizona voted against the use of medical marijuana, and Nevada, the state where you can get married to a drunken hooker at 3am in a ceremony performed by JoJo the dog-faced wonder boy, has voted to keep the ban on gay marriages.

A side note on my feelings regarding states not recognizing gay marriages: Don't stand around being all holier-than-thou because you are progressive enough to legislate against "hate crimes," including bias crimes against gays. If you do that and then vote to ban gay marriages you are being hypocritcal fools talking out of both sides of your mouth. How can you say that discrimination against people for being gay is wrong, but then draw up a legislation basically declaring that being gay and in love with someone enough to marry them is wrong?

Anyhow, Carnahan is gone and California voted to retain the guy who almost ruined them.

I do believe that Terry McAuliffe may be the Dem's fall guy. I have a feeling he's sharpening his pencil and pulling out the classified ads right about now.

It's only 5am here, so a lot of the online newspapers haven't updated their pages yet to include cries of racism, coercion, underhanded electioneering tactics, recounts, attorneys, broken levers, hanging chads and fraudulent voting, or op-eds blaming the VRWC, the decline and fall of western civilization, bad weather, heavy traffic, Boba Fett, soul eaters or John Allen Muhammed.

See this hand waving back and forth? That's me waving buh-bye to Tom Daschle's ego.

Look for an empowered Bush administration to submit a new resolution on Iraq to the U.N. today.

Both Patrick Ruffini and Stephen Green did a bang-up job reporting on the races, as did Emily and Juan, who both outdrank and outlasted me.

And Kathy Kinsley has this to say about the election results:

I hope you Republican politicians will keep in mind that a lot of people held their noses to vote because of the war on terrorism. It doesn't mean we want you in our bedrooms, ok?

Nicely worded, Kathy.

There's a whole lot more to report on and I'll be doing it all day.


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And I haven't even been to bed yet! Was getting ready to hit the sack and then the 6 AM news from the east coast started up and then they predicted Coleman was going to win on Minnesota and I am all jacked up again like I am on speed or something!!! GAK GAK GAK GAK!!!!!

Thanks again for the VRWC card, I am very proud of it!

I hope you Republican politicians will keep in mind that a lot of people held their noses to vote because of the war on terrorism. It doesn't mean we want you in our bedrooms, ok?

Unfortunately, we won't get to pick and choose where the Republicans who've been elected poke their noses. They've been handed the reins, and that means they get to drive. And that is so frightening to me.

Carnahan, who voted WITH the President as regards action against Iraq, is indeed out, even though 49% of us voted for her. Putty-faced, vehemently anti-abortion Jesus-boy Talent is in, and he'll be poking his nose into our bedrooms and everywhere else, thank you very much and can he get a hallelujah?!?

Makes me sadder than I can even say. On so many levels.

I don't recall any GOP'ers trying to get into my bedroom.. I do recall a former President forcing the firings of Military Personel who slept with their commanding officers and subordinates..

Funny how that works.

Not only did the Hippies out here in Cali vote the guy who royally screwed us in again, they gave the whole state to the DNC and then added 39 Billion in spendetures when we still have 23 Billion in debt. GOOOO team.

With you 100% Reecie. I wonder if it will be too late when the good people of the United States realize they have voted to turn back the clock in addition to getting tough on terror.

Let's all move to Canada, you hosers.

I have posted this on another board, but I am in disbelief. The Republican candidate for governor in Oklahoma was a NFL hall of famer and gave up a seat in the house to run. He lost. To an unknown dem. A Republican football player LOST in oklahoma. Finally something okies care more about than football - having a lottery.

The state banned cockfighting also. Could it be we took TWO steps to a more progressive age? Surely not.

Only for two years, Reecie. If they do start thinking it's a mandate for their far-right nutters, I expect we'll see an overwhelming Democratic win in 2004.

Unfortunately, Kathy, I think that may be too late. Lots and lots of federal appointments are going to be made between now and then; this genie's going to be very tough to squeeze back in the bottle if the public doesn't like what it has created.

but same-sex marriages encourage promiscuity. snort

i never did understand that reasoning...

The marijuana proposition here in Arizona had too much baggage attached to it. It wasn't just "medical," it was a basic decriminalization attempt, making under two ounces, paraphernalia, and growing for personal use subject to fines only. But the big killer was probably the bit about requiring DPS to hand out pot to anyone with a doctor's note. That really got the law enforcement folks to the polls. Even so, the margin was 57-43.

I doubt it will be as bad as you think. Especially since most of the appointees will support Second Amendment rights.
Also remember that Jesse Helms has retired. No matter what the outcome of this election, I'd have been doing cartwheels over that. I used to live in NC. Helms should be the poster-boy for retroactive abortion. If I ever blogged my (detailed) opinion of what he really deserves I'd probably run myself up to #2 (Michele [my heroine] is much more inclusive) on the Bloody Hungry blogger list.