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18,614 voted for Traficant. What the hell are they smoking in that state? Can I get some?

Well, my election night coverage has sucked and I'm sorry for that. I was distracted by the margaritas and Justin's constant suggestion that my urge to smoke could be cured by just "putting something else" in my mouth.

My election coverage hasn't been the only thing that sucked tonight.

I'm giving up the tequila for a while. This post may disappear in the morning when I get up and say "holy shit, did I write that?"

Carry on, Juan and Emily and Stephen who isn't really drunk. I have failed you. I go to box. Feel much shame.

I can't seem to stop typing. I'm even quoting Slapshot now.

Stacy is kicking ass with the commentary tonight.

Hopefully by the time I get up tomorrow the country will have tilted to the right a bit. And I will still have the same bosses as I did yesterday. And I will have grown five inches and lost 20 lbs.

My god, somebody shut me up, please.

Now, go vote for leader of the entire free and almost-free world. BRAAAAAAK!

And I will return all emails tomorrow.

Oh, GOP in da hizzouuuuuuuuuuuseeeeeee!


yay for drunk blogging!

Nothing beats it.

As an Ohioan, I hang my head in shame. Thankfully, I am not in Traficant's district.

Perhaps they are voting for him based on the comic relief factor. Or perhaps they want to stick it to the ethics committee.

I, as a Californian, hang my head in shame that we let a Damn Dirty Hippie stay as Dictat...err.. Gov.

Time for me to break out the booze.

GOP in the MUTHA-FRIKKIN' Hizzaouse, dawg.

The nation has chosen, and they chose the Grand Old. Yay us.

He ended up with about 27,500 votes.

Hell, Patsy Mink won and she's been dead for weeks.

Traficant: it's the hair. Didn't you hear? It escaped from federal custody, but was later seized while having sex with a raccoon in the local Walmart parking lot. It is evil, and must be destroyed.

You know, it's really a good thing I don't have Photoshop at work.