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man of the house

I know what we can do while we are waiting for results. Let's have a pretend election.

Ruler of the Entire Free World and Parts of the Unfree World Also:

Space Ghost
Darth Vader
Milk and Cheese
Optimus Prime

Choose wisely. Your future depends on it.

I'm out of limes.


Don't blame me -- I voted for Palpatine.

And I'd do it again.

Optimus Prime and Space Ghost are very strong on foreign policy, where Batman and Spider man are much stronger in domestic policy. Darth Vader must be the Democratic candidate, big government and all. She-Ra, though he may have a place, would rule the free world through fear, starvation, and famine, so let’s keep him in mind when we choose an ambassador to Iraq, or Afghanistan.

I don’t think, unfortunately, that the entire free world is ready for a ruler like Wolverine… after all he is mutated.

I will cast my vote for Optimus Prime. He is always fair, always just, and he always kicks ass, (except when he died in the movie… to bad Omnicron didn’t take Optimus in, instead he took Megatron, who ended up getting his ass whooped anyway)

Oh and what happened to the green party candidate, Captain Planet.

1 Vote Optimus Prime


did you think of milk and cheese because of durbin and durkin? every time i see their names i think of dorkin and dyer.

Well, I was going to vote for you, but I decided to go with Space Ghost at the last minute. He has the way cool talk show.

I'm voting for Duckman. I don't care if he's not on the list. He'll always be first in my heart. I miss that obscene little bastard.


Wolverine. Definitely Wolverine.

Wolverine. SNIKKT!

duh, optimus prime. he can come back from the dead AND turn into a truck.

Gotta get the vote out for She-Ra. 'Cause she has a cool tiara, and really, isn't government all about headgear with panache?

Space Ghost all the way. Brak indeed; he likes beans, you know. Plus, we get the added advantage of his evil brother Chad as SecState. Not to mention the eloquence of Lokar, the hate-filled misanthropy of Zorak, the incessant Tenuta-esque screeching of Black Widow, and the befuddled muttering of Tanzut too. On top of it all, SG once blasted the Eiffel Tower and turned it into a crispy-matchstick-looking thing, just because he "hates those French." What a dream team!

i'm going with write-in candidate BRAK!

Barring that,
Elric Of Melnibone'.
"Arioch, my Arioch! Fresh Souls!"

Can't believe I am the only one to vote for you.
Must be the Green Dragons............

..a write-in vote for the Tick

1 for Darth Vader.

Support the Empire today!

I gotta go with Spiderman cos he's such a cutey. well, Tobey Maguire is.

Brak is second choice...a vice-Ruler of sorts, if that counts.

Gotta vote for the Tick. Spoon! After all, he is nigh-invulnerable.

Hmm. This was a tough one. My son's name is Logan, so Wolverine seems like the best choice here... (Yes, he was named after the X-Men Character. Bonus geek points there!)

But on the Other hand, he looked REALLY cute in his Halloween costume as Spider Man.

Can we have Spidey as Veep or something?

Dude, Spider-man. He's a nerd, just like me.

Well ok. I vote for Darth Vader for leader if I get to be the emperor (without all the old worn out look either, can't have that)

How come Superman didn't make the list?
I know all of the "Constitutionalists" in the country will say He was born on Krypton and thus not an American citizen.
But you are wrong.
Superman was revamped in 1986, (by a Canadian of English extraction, no less) and born in Kansas from a genetic matrix that originated on Krypton.
From my understanding of the law even if one is concieved elsewhere,being born on American soil
(be it an embassy or an American registered ship at sea) makes the baby American,doesn't it?

P.S. to Michele my comic book collection still beats yours---nah,nah