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difficult choice


This is the race I'm watching. It is absolutely of no interest to you.

Judge Moser is one of my bosses. Judge Marks is not my boss, but I work with him, I admire and respect him, and I have a great working relationship with him.

Judge Moser is a great judge. His background is in Family Court and he completely deserves to win this as much as Judge Marks does. Which leaves me torn.

Judge Marks' term in District Court is up. If he loses this election, his judgeship is over. Judge Moser is in his second year in District Court. If he loses this election, he remains a District Court judge. If he wins, I lose the best boss I ever had.

This is why I spent so much time in the voting booth today.

More margaritas, please.

I gave up on the titles again. Too much thinking involved.


Droplets of yes and no in an ocean of maybe...

What an incredibly random coincidence that "Falling to Pieces" was the last song I heard before I shut down my computer and left work tonight. Albeit at 11:30PM, but still... I guess I haven't lost my music touch after all.