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i count the hours, i count the days

I count the hours, and I count the days

I went up to the school and conducted a few impromptu interviews with voters who had just completed their civic duty. I was hoping to get a feel for the flow of the votes, to take the pulse of the beating heart that is the life force of American Democracy. Or something like that.

Me: Sir, is there anything you would like to say about this election?
Man: I.Though.Al.Gore.Was.Running.

Me: Hey, you! How did it go in there?
Lady2: They had rugelah at the bake sale! And brownies! And cookies! Oh god, where did I park?

Me: Sir, do you have any thoughts on this election?
Mullet Guy: It's all about the oooooooooiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllll.

mum.jpgMe: Excuse me, Ma'm! Who did you vote for?
Lady: Oh, that Ronald Reagan is such a nice fellow.

So basically, the pulse of America has stopped beating. It's just laughing now. A cackling, croaky laugh.

drink count: 1 shot tequila, 2 margaritas


The all important Mullet constituency. It's always overlooked.

I knew you'd have the answer.

I'm kind of afraid of tomorrow's morning paper.
Will we have TweedleHorrid or TweedleEvil as governor? Will we be enforcing new laws regarding coffee service? Will Arnold Schwarzennegger be next in line? No, really?


Mmm, better. It's Buffy night, right?