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A drink needs me

A drink needs me

I'm ready to go.

I am going to match Juan Gato drink for drink tonight as I post. I figure there's enough people in the blogosphere making serious posts and predictions, and while I will start off serious, I don't know where it will end up. So welcome to the first annual Exit Poll Bowl. I hear that Stephen and Emily will be blogging in a similar vein. That is to say, drunk.

I'm hearing about voting problems in Texas, Florida, Michigan, Colorado and New Jersey, among other places. This could mean that final results are a long, long time away. I smell the attorneys from here.

First things first. In the post below, the note does say erection. Thank you. And I brought the titles back, though there will be a running theme through them. And I've made about five VRWC ID cards already. If you want one, email me.

Report from my sister, who is working the election today, is one word: messy. Our congressional districts were realigned this year and new voting cards were never sent out. No one knows where to go or what line to stand on or why they aren't in the books. This has made for long lines, a lot of aggravation and word-of-mouth causing people to just stay home.


As I said in today's entry, I will declare winners when all the ballots are counted.

Prediction, other than for amusement, is a waste of time.

I'm starting with beer, but before long, the martinis will be coming fast and furious.