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best of the worst

best of the worst

Time to lay off the politics tonight, as I will probably be doing a lot on that subject tomorrow.

You had my best, now try the rest. The 50 25 Worst Movies of all Time: Subject to change without notice, in no particular order..

1. Kazaam
2. Air Bud, Seventh Inning Fetch
3. Jeepers Creepers
4. Bicentennial Man
5. Battlefield Earth
6. 3,000 Miles to Graceland
7. Planet of the Apes (remake)
8. Castaway
9. Pearl Harbor
10. Waterworld
11. Bull Durham
12. Dances with Wolves
13. The Bodyguard
14. Little Nicky
15. Volcano
16. Indecent Proposal
17. Pootie Tang
18. The Talented Mr. Ripley
19. Dude, Where's My Car
20. Freddie Got Fingered
21. Eyes Wide Shut
22. Baby Geniuses
23. Anaconda
24. Stop or My Mom Will Shoot
25. Soul Man

Ok, enough. I have to go eat something. It's 9pm and all I've had today is 11 cups of coffee and four glazed donuts.

Finish the list for me please? Thanks.

p.s. I'll be viewing this for the rest of the evening. Hold all my calls, please. flaghead.gif


Some of those movies are so bad that the fact you have to admit to actually watching them to put them on the list is a crying shame.

Pootie Tang. hee hee

oh wait isn't there a movie called "BOOTY CALL" I think that movie has gotta be on the list. NO i haven't seen it. I'm basing it on the premise.

Girl, you are so fun!

Let's not forget, as I told Ravenwood, the classic "To Live and Die in L.A." starring another of Melanie G's exes, Steven Bauer. Ugh. Atrocious movie.

I'd blanked out "The Bodyguard" because, honestly, Whiney Houston's ode to love had left me partially deaf. Bitch.

And, what was that movie with Cindy Crawford? Shouldn't that be on the list?

I once got stuck on a transatlantic 767 where Bicentennial Man was the in-flight movie. I was sitting too close to the screen to not look.

I learned something that day: if you try to jump out of an airplane, people will stop you. God knows why.

Also: love that Kevin Costner block (10-13).

You forgot the Kevin Costner version of "Robin Hood," or, The Amazing Disappearing-Reappearing Accent.

Funniest line in Men With Tights was when Cary Elwes said, "Besides, I can speak with a real English accent!"

Bull Durham? That's the only good Kevin Costner movie, before we knew what a huge jackass he really was. It would be on my 'best' list, but probably near the bottom, and mostly because of Susan Sarandon, who could read the phone book and I'd still pay $7 to see her do it.

No no no! The best Kevin Costner movie was "The Big Chill"....of course, his scene was cut from the movie....but, still!

(There's actually a nifty little movie called "Fandango" in which he didn't totally suck......)

I'd be glad to offer up a couple of stinkburgers for consideration: "Eye of the Beholder," and "From Dusk 'Till Dawn." If the movie theaters served alcohol, I could have slept through them. Instead, the grinding of my teeth kept me awake.

I'd be glad to offer up a couple of stinkburgers for consideration: "Eye of the Beholder," and "From Dusk 'Till Dawn." If the movie theaters served alcohol, I could have slept through them. Instead, the grinding of my teeth kept me awake.

Please, please, (yes, I am begging here!!) add Leonard Part 6 to this list!!! lol Remember the guy in the wheelchair that kept saying,
"Kill him!" (He was talking about the director!)heeheeheeeeee

No. No. NO. From Dusk til Dawn is one of my favorite movies. As a matter of fact, I have to make room for it on the best of list.

I would like to submit for your "worst" list any movie featuring Adam Sandler and/or Jim Carrey. God, I hate them so much. Thank you.

Mike, the two of them compromise a list unto themselves.

Did anybody see the Nicholas Cage movie where he's a paramedic...I think it's called "Bringing out the Dead". Now that movie SUCKED.

Kazaam.. shudder Eeeeew. In regards to your "50 best movies" list, I'm suprised someone else who's heard of Battle Royale. (I haven't gotten around to seeing it, or Ringu). Go you!

Dude, #19 was sweet!

I thought Titanic was the Worst Movie ever, and I was trapped on a Miami-to-LA flight where it was the inflight movie. Then I saw Dungeons and Dragons. I don't know whose eyes I wanted to gouge out more -- mine or the Jeremy Irons for doing an extended walk-on that practically shouted: "I need to pay my mortgage, okay?"

What about Batman and Robin? Man, I still hold a grudge against Joel Schumacher for taking my seven bucks for that shitfest.

Worst List:
The Queen of the Damned
The Time Machine (last remake)
Big Momma's House
Texas Nailgun Massacre
The Hotel New Hampshire
Rancho Deluxe
Revenge (stinky Kevin Costner movie)
Panic Room
Pay it Forward
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
13 Ghosts (the new one)

How about that black & white western with Johnny Depp, Dead Man? Or any other movie featuring Johnny Dipp?

1. As Good As It Gets
2. Pushing Tin
3. Coyote Ugly
4. Save the Last Dance
5. Sugar and Spice
6. anything starring Frankie and Annette post-69'

Ambition (and pretty much anything else with Lou Diamond Phillips)
Titanic (except for the SFX of the ship sinking)
Any Police Academy movie
Mannequin (or anything else with either of my nominess for worst actor/worst actress ever: Andrew McCarthy or Kim Cattrall)

avoid seeing "Grease2".please,I'm serious.

I'll have to agree with Donna about Bull Durham. That was pretty good.

But the worst movie ever has to be Space Truckers. Your brain cells will commit seppuku to avoid exposure after a few minutes.

And I don't know what Bran has against Pushing Tin, but I like almost anything with John Cusack in it, so I'm a little biased.

I forgot Spaceballs.

Thank god I'm married to the only other person on the planet that liked "Dude, Where's My Car?"

19. Dude, Where's My Car

DUDE!! are you serious, that was a sweet movie. I love that movie.

Best Costner film in No Way Out, a tense Cold War thriller.

Depp rocks. Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Blow, Chocolat, Ed Wood -- great body of work.

The interesting thing about this list is the fact that - for a list that claims to be about "for all time" - it's pretty recent in its focus. What does this say about really bad older movies? Does their place in a different era add something interesting to 'em that makes us mroe forgiving about 'em? Will I get to the point where I'm actually able to watch Cannonball Run II, say, all the way through?

Anything from Helen Hunt - 3 strikes and you're out...

1. What Women Want
2. Pay It Forward
3. As Good As It Gets

Leaving Las Vegas - the only movie I have ever paid money to see that I wanted to walk out of. The only reason I didn't was because I was there with my boyfriend. Turns out, he was thinking the same thing...

The Astronaut's Wife was pretty terrible. And so was Mission to Mars.

What compels us to sit through this shit???

Did Kevin Costner not answer your fan letter? Lord, you have his entire oeuvre in the Worst 25 List. That's cold.

And "Dude Where's My Car" - are you out of your mind? One of the funniest films ever made, and no one gets hurt. Bet you didn't actually see it, just stuck it in there cause it sounded bad.

Yea, Rick. My lists are made purely out of jealous rage and trendiness.

I'd like to humbly submit a little prize called Nothing But Trouble.

Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, directed by (he also appears) Dan Aykroyd, and some machine called "Mr. Bonestripper".



Good point on No Way Out; I forgot about that one. Great story and powerful cast. It was THE good Kevin Costner film, excepting of course The Big Chill ;)

This is not a list of the 25 worst movies of all times. This is a list of the worst movies only in the last decade. You still have at least 50 years of filmaking that you haven't covered. Get back to work. Ditto on the Costner rants, met him, still didn't like him.