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on the lighter side: movies

Don't forget, that "spiteful little contest" to vote for the most blood thirsty war hawk is still going on, and I, the supreme ruler of all things vile and contemptable, have a huge lead. You owe it to yourself to check out the poll's message board. Rated V for Violence.

on the lighter side: movies

*recently updated* - I told you it was subject to change at whim. My rule is I have to take one off for every one I remember that I should have added on.

John and Laurence did it and I can sure use a little light hearted posting around here.

My Top 50 Movies of All Time - In no particular order and subject to change without notice: (I didn't put links in yet [except for one], I'll do that when I get home)

1. Lord of the Rings
2. Empire Strikes Back
3. Star Wars
4. Akira
5. Battle Royale*
6. Dead Alive
7. Cemetery Man
8. Evil Dead
9. Army of Darkness
10. Evil Dead 2
11. Slapshot
12. Braveheart The Crow
13. Donnie Darko
14. Titus
15. Dead Again
16. The Godfather
17. Goodfellas Return of the Jedi**
18. Apocalypse Now
19. Fight Club
20. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
21. My Neighbor Totoro
22. The Music Man
23. West Side Story
24. The Professional (Leon)
25. True Romance
26. Toy Story
27. Shrek
28. Princess Bride
29. Terminator 2
30. Amelie
31. This is Spinal Tap
32. Dog Day Afternoon
33. Clerks
34. Die Hard
35. Nightmare Before Christmas
36. Edward Scissorhands
37. A Christmas Story
38. Reservoir Dogs
39. Planet of the Apes (original)
40. Jaws
41. Young Frankenstein
42. Hedwig and the Angry Inch From Dusk Til Dawn
43. Dawn of the Dead
44. Twelve Monkeys
45. Fifth Element
46. A River Runs Through It
47. Willie Wonka
48. Se7en
49. Snatch
50. Muppet Movie

*If you have never seen/heard of this movie, make sure you go out and rent it. Violent, gory and shocking, it's the perfect movie for the discriminating blood-thirsty person.

** This, in spite of the damn Ewoks.

Ravenwood has his worst movies ever up. I'll get to that later.


Your top four are in my top ten, for sure, and I'm on board for about 20 overall. I've never thought about it enough to actually create a list though.

I downloaded the trailer for 'Two Towers' and I'm rather worried about the way it's looking. They seem to have added in a Arwen/Aragorn/Elrond saga that will take away from the movie, in my opinion. Anyhow...

Oooh, good list.

I have been working on my list for quite some time, it will be up some time this week. If you are making a list of worst movies I implore you to include "Battlefield Earth" It is by far the worst movie ever made.

Ok, I can see most of them belonging here, even if I don't particularily agree with some of the choices. This is your list of course, but I must raise an eyebrow and cough politely when I get to number 11.

I mean, Paul Newman aside, that was one bad, bad movie. Really.

Your list is missing The Crow, don't you think?

What? No "Faces of Death"?

Where's "The Wicker Man"? <g,d&r>

Excellent - you included Donnie Darko and Hedwig & The Angry Inch. I like you more and more (relieved, aren't you?)

You did, however, leave off the John Cusack masterpiece "Say Anything" with the lovely Ione Skye.

My mom, my daughter and I decided to rent a DVD - we passed up 'The Piano' and a lot of other 'chick flicks' and went right for 'Die Hard'. I've seen that so many times..

Great list. And if you do a worst movies list, I second Dan's nomination - Battlefield Earth reeked.

My mom, my daughter and I decided to rent a DVD - we passed up 'The Piano' and a lot of other 'chick flicks' and went right for 'Die Hard'. I've seen that so many times..

Great list. And if you do a worst movies list, I second Dan's nomination - Battlefield Earth reeked.

Again with the Donnie Darko.

If you want nominations for worst films, there's always "Cassandra Crossing".

Wow. Yes, I am missing The Crow. I'll have to take one off to put that on.

Tim, you have to wait for my worst of list for Wicker Man.

Blazing Saddles - Cleavon Little holding himself hostage..."Mongo just pawn in game of life."

Airplane - "I guess I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue."

Ahem. Slapshot is a masterpiece. The missing movie is Wizards.

A New Leaf, Arsenic and Old Lace, A Man for All Seasons, Far from the Madding Crowd(1967), Ben Hur, Them!, Aliens

I guess I'm showing my age.

Good list. But..."#30 - Amile". Do you mean Amelie? Because that should certainly make the list!

My list would reduce you to a weeping ball of nothing. Your sides would hurt from the laughter. You'd run screaming. But, when you've spent a few years working in a video store....you see a lot of movies. A LOT!

I can't believe you don't like the ewok's...

Never heard of "Battle Royale" --- I'll haveta check it out. Two of my gratuitously HAWKISH AND BLOODY-HUNGRY favourites that I didn't see on the list:

"The Way of the Gun"
(great line: "Karma is justice without the satisfaction. And I don't believe in justice.")

"Hard Boiled" - implicit in this film is the rule "if your feet are off the ground, you MUST be shooting.

-- Steve (pre-emptively sucking up to the dominant force in the hawkish-bloody-hungry complex)

The Ewoks were nothing but a bunch of muppets.

Oh, I did like Way of the Gun. And I forgot Six String Samurai, too.

Things I'd add, myself....

"Near Dark" - nomadic psycho vampires in the midwest. Ending is a little too happy for my liking, but its one of the best takes on the genre.


Princess Mononoke.

"The killer", another good Hong Kong action film by Woo.

Princess Mononoke, a must see, definitely on my top ten. Even if you don't like Anime, this is a freakin great movie

gummo and bad lieutenant. try 'em out if you already haven't.

Both those movies scarred me for life, in completley different ways.

Gummo just made my skin crawl. With BL, it was that whole Harvey Keitel scene - you know which one I'm talking about - that gave me the creeps for days on end.

You bumped "Goodfellas" for the original "Muppets in Space"? Eegah.

You're missing Wizards and Fritz the Cat.

Silverado was good. And Breakfast at Tiffany's. And My Favorite Year too.

I think The Great Race is the funniest movie ever made, well there's also Some Like it Hot. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis chasing a hotty, Marilyn or Natalie Wood.

This is the greatest list of favorite movies I've ever seen. I think we were together in a past life. Damn.