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last word on this subject

just last word on this subject

Note to "Endive*," who made the first entry in his/her blog a missive to yours truly -

Bite me, assclown.

I would have sent that in a private email or left a comment, but - like a typical coward who can dish it out but can't take it - neither option is available.

Oh, and before you went on your little rant there, Endive, you should have checked with both parties. Apologies were issued and the past is behind us. Thanks for your conern, though. It's truly touching.

As for "Maybe if she'd just kept that in mind when she read the original delinking, we'd all be blissfully unaware of her hypocritical ravings, and her tit-flashing for popularity in this spiteful little contest," how about you just not read it, you dumb fucknozzle? But thanks for the linkage, the attention and more hits. You're a doll.

I'm done with this. I swear, this is the last entry you will see on the subject, unless I kill someone over it, and then only if the state prison has internet access.

*en-dive: A variety of the common chicory Cichorium intybus cultivated to produce a narrow, pointed, blanched cluster of leaves used in salads. Or, see here.


wellll, we tell them to get their own blogs, and dammit they do, good part is they then show themselves to the general public in all their clueless glory. eh. go figure idiots. or not. that could hurt.

i need to be in bed dammit, why am i here? eep.

hehehe "fucknozzle". You've been taking lessons from Angry White Girl, haven't you.

i really like the fact that they went and got a blog but no comments so no one could say anything back to them. sure, thats fair. everyone needs to just let it go.

Oh, gee....
Some coward sets up a blogspot site, just to make ONE post, where this person displays an very unhealthy obsession over you, and rants anonymously there rather than their own blog, where they may have to take... (what's that word?) RESPONSIBILITY, and be forced to stand behind what they say?

I say we expose this person, rip their skeleton out of their shrieking bodies, and suck all the marrow out of their bones just to set an example.

I'm all rested up, and just itching for another flame war. EvilGrin

fucknozzle. Mount BiteMe. heh. am getting a quality education from you and those visiting your site.

What an asshole. Who the hell names themselves after a vegetable?

Theory--this "new" blog was set up as a cover for the writings of someone who doesn't want to be known, but blogs regularly elsewhere.

This would explain the fact that the writer has clearly studied Michele's writing.

And endive--it's a bitter vegetable. Hence, I'm guessing, the name.

"fucknozzle. Mount BiteMe. heh. am getting a quality education from you and those visiting your site."

Me too, Bran. :-)

Bitter... almost... acerbic perhaps? Hrm, I smell a setup! I been framed guv, honest it wern't me.

I agree with Jadedju. This person obviously spent a LOT of time on your blog to come up with all those links. One post, it's about you. No comments, no e-mail, no "posted by Fred".

What a dillhole!

Of all the slang in the English language, I love the word, "assclown".


I am so jealous. You have your own blog-remora now. It is kind of creepy, though, and sick, like a stalker. Endive- come to my site, I'll hook you up here first item, news you can use.

heh heh heh . . . endive is another word for ass monkey. and, yes, bitter this monkey seems to be. michelle, i wish you luck in getting this ass monkey off your back!

Endive says "tit flashing" like him thinks tits bad thing. Og say tit flashing good. Og say Endive BAD!

Endive says "tit flashing" like him thinks tits bad thing. Og say tit flashing good. Og say Endive BAD!

Endive. What a shitty little vegetable.

I would be honored if you would consider occasionally using my favorite term of derision, "fuckwad," now and again.
I've also found that nothing, and I mean nothing sets off young punks quite like calling them "junior." As in "Now look here, junior...". "Sonny boy" and "sport" are also useful for putting callow and verminous young lickspittles in their rightful place.

Pearl, see here, here, and this gem from my days with no permalinks, for use of the term fuckwad:

I had a lovely road rage moment driving home from work today. After much manuevering and driving like an idiot to get to the red light ahead of me (which he didn't) a wonderful, intelligent man in a bright red Roadster pulled up next to me at the light he was trying to run, looked at me and called me a word that starts with C and ends in unt. I looked at him, held my two fingers up like a peace sign, put them in front of my mouth and stuck my tongue between them. Then I said "lick me you fuckwad." I was just at that point in the day when I wanted so badly to strangle someone. I am going to get killed someday.

Oh my golly. You've definitely got me beat when it comes to wrathful, well-crafted invective.
I'm in awe of your abilities. Damn, girl, you really know how to hate. It's wonderful. I get so sick of these limp-dicked, mealy-mouthed, passive-agressive pantywaists who are my supposed "colleagues" that I could just scream...It's that or take a hatchet to someone's Lexus in the faculty parking lot.