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who has my pillow?

who has my pillow?

Home Movies is the funniest show on tv. Sunday nights, 10pm (EST), Cartoon Newtork. Watch it. There will be a quiz this time next week.

I'm going to bed. Behave. I don't want to see any orgies or knife fights in my comments when I get up in the morning.


jes. agreed. adult swim.

Is she gone?

No orgies.


I love ALL the cartoons on "Adult Swim", they are so sick and hilarious! I couldn't stand BirdMan as a kid... now the new ones have me on the floor laughing my ass off!

no orgies or knife fights here.. i'm too busy making "Movie History." ;-)

So, do I have to take my toys and go home alone.....again? Sheesh. Michele's so strict.

shh! she's asleep. it's naked crisco twister all night long! just be quiet.

I once knew a girl who, with a knife and a candle, would make her own orgies...

Have you seen the Space Ghost flashback when Birdman is the Coast to Coast host? Hehe, it's hilarious!!! But definately not as funny and wrong as Birdman the lawyer... :P

I have to go with Aqua Teen Hunger Force.