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through the turnstiles

through the turnstiles

*UPDATE* We have a winner! Diana will receive some sort of prize. I haven't determined just what yet. Thanks for playing! Stay tuned for the 200K contest.

*UPDATE 2*There seems to be something screwy with sitemeter. Diana, Bill and Kymberlie (see comments) all seemed to get 10,001. I say we make the three beautiful women (yes, Bill is a sexy woman) wrestle in mud or jello for the prize.

I added a Sitemeter stats program on here last week. Tuesday, October 29, to be exact. That's about five days. In those five days so far, Sitemeter has counted 9,582 visitors, for an average of 1,349 visitors a day. The old odometer will hit 10,000 pretty soon.

10,000 visitors in 5 or 6 days is a pretty nifty thing for me. In honor of this most auspicious event, I could throw a party or hire a band or perform a lap dance for Stacy and Dan (who called me from a strip bar last night to talk politics!), but I won't. I'll just give away a prize to the 10,000th visitor.

Just take a screen shot (the counter is at the very bottom of the page) and either send it to me or post it in the comments of this entry. Leave an email address and/or URL. Prize will be determined after I see who the winner is. NO PRIZE AWARDED WITHOUT SCREENSHOT. In the event that the 10,000th person is unaware of the contest (say he's a googler looking for "spit or swallow" for which I am number one!!) I'll take the closest person after 10,000 to post a screenshot.

I'm also going to have a similar contest when the sitemeter hits 200,000 (that's in a year - I didn't have a counter before I moved to this URL last October). It's at 186,324, so we'll discuss that when it gets closer.

Happy clicking and no cutting!


Great site. Very Entertaining!

I should hit 200,000 on or about Christmas Day, after a mere, um, six years, eight and a half months.

Then again, I'm neither attractive nor bloodthirsty. :)

I've just fixed my counter (I think) and I'm considering holding a competition to reward the lucky surfer who becomes my magical FIFTH visitor. Only a few more to go before I hit that milestone...

Maybe it was that last rant that put people off. Because whoever that dude was, they didn't come back (sigh)...

I was number 2, CC! Almost there....

Ooooh, tension building...

It's like the world series all over again...

Well, in case 10,000 doesn't come forward, I was 10,001.

Ok. Visitor 10,000 has until midnight to show up, or Kymberlie gets the prize!

I got it... gotta figure out how to post it here.. hang on...

Can I just email it? It will be WAY big here...

Howdy. Just a quick note to congratulate you on being a Neil Gaiman fan. I only just noticed it from the Blogcritics links. Good call...

What did you think of American Gods?

Waitaminnit, I was also 10,001! No photoshopping here, but something's whack with your counter, hon.

Sorry, I forgot to make a smaller screenshot. Not only didn't I win, but I suck too.



CC, email me direct, ok? You didn't leave an email address in your comment and I'm too damn lazy to go to your blog and look for it.

WAIT... I LIED! I cut and paste... I was actually 10001 as well! :(

But... I was also 9,999 too... something strange really did happen

Unfortunately, I'm also too lazy to cut and paste your e-mail address again. Yahoo and Hotmail hate me personally right now, possibly about comments I may or may not have made about their mothers, and are therefore making me go through, like, 300 screens to log in. So I wrote my address on this comment instead.

God, how pathetic.

I'm always up for wrestling in chocolate pudding. Any kind of pudding, really, though pistachio and butterscotch leave one looking like a gory zombie femme fatale.

I'd say I'd want to be #1 for Spit or Swallow...but, I don't spit!

Congrats on the traffic, hon. You deserve it! Your writing is wonderful...just like you.

Now, I'm off to be a bitch to someone else. I just can't be mean here and I'm losing my edge.

Yeah, I got 9,999 as well. I'm all up for jello wrestling or I can just post another boobie shot. I'm a whore for a prize. :)

Be warned, if we're talking boob shot wars, you are taking on the one and only winner of Michele's Stiffie Award for excellence in boobage.

But I was a close second, Bill. :)

I wasn't playing at the time. I want IN! I'll put my boobies up against yours any time! And, yes. I WILL put them ACTUALLY AGAINST yours if that gets me more attention.

I wasn't playing at the time. I want IN! I'll put my boobies up against yours any time! And, yes. I WILL put them ACTUALLY AGAINST yours if that gets me more attention.

It's true Kymberlie, I had to pay a lot of money to take you down- erm, I mean, yeah, that was close.
Hell, if it's a boob contest there should be two winners anyhow - so I'm right and you're left. ;D

And, What, may I ask, would that make me? The middle boob?! Ha