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who moved my cheese

who moved my cheese?

John Allen Muhammed is suspected of plotting to kidnap the Prime Minister of Antigua. Contrary to rumors, he had nothing to do with the attempted kidnapping of Posh Spice.

It seems like every time you turn on the news, Muhammed has been linked to another murder or attempted crime. This opens up a whole new forum for blame, conspiracies and may contribute to the cancellation of "Unsolved Mysteries."

Other things Muhammed may be held accountable for:

  • The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, D.B. Cooper and the Lindbergh baby
  • Baby Jessica falling down that well
  • The Bengals 01-7 record
  • The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  • He stole the cookies from the cookie jar
  • O.J. will finger him as "the real killer"

Too bad that whole Posh Spice thing didn't work out. Drat! Foiled Again!


he is behind the failure of Enron to. i know it.

AUTHOR: Michael Wagner
EMAIL: laugh@someidiot.com
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DATE: 11/03/2002 01:33:36 PM

The funny thing about the Posh Spice plot is that her husband is by far the bigger celebrity in Britain. He's the soccer star David Beckham and presumably the source for any cash demanded by the kidnapper(s). Trust the US media not to recognize a soccer star.

"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald?"... He did that? I HATE that song.

The Bengals are playing the Texans. And winning.

JonBenet. For sure.