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I've written five posts today but have to edit or proofread any of them because I've been answering email all day. If I haven't gotten to yours yet, I will.

I'm off to indulge in some therapy. For me that means buying toys, comic books and/or DVDs. And maybe a Krispy Kreme donut or two. And some tequila. And maybe a grande latte frappacino.

Then I am going to come home and post all the stuff I wrote today, and wait for Stacy to call me from the strip club that she and Dan and Robyn and Todd are going to tonight. (Robyn and Todd are *gasp!* liberals!). She's gonna let me talk dirty to the strippers. Or Dan. I'm not sure who I'll be talking to, but I know my husband will be listening on the other end, hoping it's the stripper and not Dan.

See, not only am I mean and nasty and blood thirsty, but I'm deviant, too!

Today's free download special: Faith No More, Stripsearch


Yay deviants! We make life interesting.

If it's Dan, you'd better talk dirty to him! :D

Krispy Kreme and tequila? at once? or separately? I prefer tequila and Frosted Flakes. Makes for a much more interesting morning.

hey, i followed a link here from cooties who said it was link to michelle day and i must say i'm thoroughly entertained by your journal from what i've read thus far. i'll be back to read more and may just ADD you to my "I also read" list. i just wanted to say hello, and would love to have some krispe kreme and tequilla with you some day, and discuss faith no more mp3s, comic books, politics and life with you.


oh my dear jesus in heaven and manna of satan on a stick--michele, i need thee oh i neeeeeeed thee i owe you a drunken email with tits attached for all those you've sent to me because you're so RoXor mmmmmmwahmmmmwahmmmmmwah fuck me i'm druk. n.k.