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picture perfect

picture perfect

A comment from my friend John of Cold Marble Musings:

"kitties and fuzzy bunnies and peace and love"

Yeah, sure would be nice, wouldn't it? I used to feel that way back in my drug-addled youth and still harbor wishes that the world was a more gentle place beneath today's layers of a harsher reality. It's a strange mixture but I'm learning to live with it

He sent this picture to me (John is an amazing photographer) which pretty much sums it all up nicely. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

click for supersize

Thanks for allowing me to use the picture, John. It speaks volumes.


that's really evil, michele. and john. please don't destroy my rose-colored world. i cling to it in my moments of insanity.


to both of you, there's nothing wrong with wanting and wishing for "kitties and fuzzy bunnies and peace and love." especially when you want it for your kids. it's unfortunate that we'll have to fight for it, but i'm afraid that's the only way we'll get it. hug

happpy fuckin saturday! wooooooo

Hm. That picture is strangely... erotic.

Proving that coming to your place, Michele, is warping my mind.

the photo reminds me of old Victorian art seen on postcards, advertising, etc. too bad John didn't have a fuzzy bunny or a dove available [insert innocent grin].