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slap you with a Kotex

slap you with a Kotex

I cannot keep up with the mountain of email. I haven't gotten this much email since I contemplated giving out blowjobs as birthday presents. I want to thank everyone personally, but I do have to shower and eat at some point today. And I have several things I would like to post about besides this whole ordeal.

Let's just say I have added at least twenty fantastics blogs and sites to my blogroll today. So good has come out of this whole thing. And, ironically, since I mentioned that I was delinked four times in one day, I have moved from fourth to third place on the Blogrolling top 100. Not that I'm interested in that kind of stuff. *cough*bullshit*cough*

Mike wrote an amazing piece on the whole thing this morning, and Stacy, the goddess of the fucking world, made this lovely invitation inviting people to fuck off. Oh, and Andrea, in a post that brought tears to my eyes, made great use of imagery regarding used sanitary napkins.

I hope I did these trackback things right. If it's wrong, I'll fix it momentarily as soon as the goddess of the fucking world comes to my rescue, as always.

I need some coffee and Excedrin. I guess it's too early to start drinking.

And to the guy - a proprieter of a soft-core porn site - who just sent me an email telling me that my attitude must be from "the meds," that is tantamount to blaming a woman's aggressiveness on PMS. Fuck off, my friend.

*update* I realize now that this may have been the straw that broke the linkers' back. Heh. Thanks, John.


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so um, where do I sign up for that birthday blowjob?

Regarding your taste for live chickens; Gullah Jack, one of the leaders of the Denmark Vesey slave uprising in Charleston in the early 1800's, told his warriors to take a bite from a live chicken (I don't think it had to be fucking), and it would give them powerful visions that would serve them in the upcoming rebellion.

Of course, if you take a bite from a raw live chicken, you may indeed have some very powerful visions; it's called food poisoning.

As for the developments in the Wonderful World of Weblogs during my mere six day absence, well, I've vented about that at some length, but here's the conclusion: "Stop looking so hard for differences that you fail to see the similarities. Realize that the diversity of humanity isn't going to be affected at all by your link list, nor will the parts you dislike dissappear because you removed a link to it. Go take a nap, and start writing about something other than weblogs. It's getting horribly redundant. It's like watching two good but different artists argue about the merits of their brushes rather than paint something. It is ultimately counterproductive. And ugly to watch, given the alternative of a beautiful painting."

I thought about it, but ultimately decided not to hold the mention at Right Wing "News" against you. 8^)
I remember all those archived posts you pointed out. I watched you change since I first started reading here,and of course we don't even know each other. I'm somewhat of a lurker, I guess.
At first, the changes troubled me, but the reasons you gave along the way made sense and I never stopped reading or even considered de-linking you. It's the first blog I read every day.
(helps that it starts with "A"!)It's one of the only blogs where I will read the entire day's entry,regardless of the topic.
I suspect the smarter of your "de-linkers" will at the very least, still secretly read your blog.
I may disagree with some of your opinions, but I respect your voracity and conviction, and I really enjoy visiting here, even if I'm basically just peering through your window to see what you are wearing today.......figuratively speaking, of course! 8^)

Damn it. I want my #3 spot back. Err, you know ... not that I would notice those things either. cough, cough Just wanted to send you some love. I'll be drinking margaritas tonight and I hope you will be too!

first time i've read your blog and i like what you have to say but more than that, i fucking love how you say it! i will read you regularly now, therefore i will be linking you, however, i want to do it in style baby, i think a "I'M LINKING MICHELE" ceremony is in order! now if only i was creative enough to come up with a great way to do it... hmmmm... you go girl!

You know, as sweet as linky love is, all this manic blogrolling stuff makes me so happy my log analysis tool is out of service. Love me, not my linky. ;-*