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group hug!

group hug!

I woke up at 3am, unable to sleep any longer. I did what any normal person who wakes in the middle of the night would do. I went to check my mail.

I had 85 pieces of mail, most of them comments on last night's post. Thanks to a link from Glenn Reynolds, among others, I had been deluged with support for my pity party.

It's still too early to form a coherent thought or answer all the emails I received. I just want to thank everyone who stood by me, or stopped in because of Glenn or someone else and decided to stick around.

Basically, the bottom line is this: I am me. This blog is me. There is no variation between the two. I will never, ever back down from my convictions or from being who I am because it makes someone nervous or uncomfortable. Love me or leave me, as the saying goes.

Ok, you don't have to love me. Just tolerate me.

One thing: to those who have asked who the person who instigated this whole thing by delinking me is - I will not tell. Don't ask again. Oddly enough, I still care enough about him as a person to not have a thousand people running over to his blog to tear him apart. He doesn't deserve that.

Anyhow, thank you to everyone. I will return emails today, I will stop by all your blogs today, I will stop playing the self-pity and righteous indignation game and get on with my usual antics. But right now, I am going back to bed. What kind of moron gets up at 4am on a Saturday? Besides me, I mean. Good night and thank you.


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Well, since I am checking e-mail and blogs before going to bed after logging off of EverQuest, does that make me a bigger moron?

The puppy is finally sleeping through the night so what do I do to celebrate? Start staying up all night anyway. Oh yeah, that's normal. I think I'll take one of those Moron Club badges, please. :)

I love you. Hell, if I could, I'd have your babies!

Okay, off to snuggle up with the kidlet on the couch for the rest of the night.


Hey Kiddoo! I wake up (and get up) around 3 or 4AM every dern day after a few hours sleep. Seems to be part of getting older and I haven't decided whether it's a bug or a feature.

It's a feature, trust me. I've been getting up at 4am for a few years now. I'm trying to let myself get a few extra hours sleep on Saturdays, though.

Apparently it's not working.

Why take down the link to somebody's site? That is juvenile. Besides, I enjoy reading the opinions of people with whom I completely disagree with. Unfortunately, this seems to be a trait that only conservatives enjoy. I don't know many liberals who enjoy hearing the opposition. Rather, they enjoy censoring the opposition.

There must be something going around. I woke up at 4 also. I usually have to get up at 5 to get the kid to the school bus but this was my day to sleep late. Oh well I got more into my blog than I usually do so it is not a complete waste.
It is a good time to get things done. At least it was when I didn't have 4 dogs who all seem to be awake at this hour.

Yes we all love you...
Now that you're done whining, why don't you publicly name those four people so the rest of us can have some fun with them... (unless they're friends of mine, then I'll have to have fun at your expense.) EvilGrin

Either way, I win.

Are they on my blogroll? 'Cos if they are, I'd really rather not link the stupid, intolerant, bastards. I promise I won't go to their blogs and tear them a new one (but I might tear them a new one, on mine). ;-)

Please, Michele, I need new sources of fisking material. I'm down to fisking Khilafah.com garbage. If things don't get better, I might have to go after Common Dreams, and I really don't want to stoop that low. Please, Michele, take pity on a fellow warblogger. Give me the names. Riyadh delenda est!


I discovered you via Insatpundit. If Reynolds links you, I figure you might be interesting. So, I've bookmarked you and will visit.

By the way, I believe that people who go out of their way to announce they're "de-linking" your page are childish.

Good Luck,