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last dance for the pity party

last dance for the pity party

(note: I've had several drinks. Apparently I've substituted chocolate and alcohol for nicotine. Feel free to ignore this post.)

Alrighty. Now four people have taken me off their links list and publicly announced it.

Look, I understand if people don't like the direction this space has gone in. But aside from politics, I still do talk about my kids and my life and the general mundane things of life. That's not even the point. The point is, why does it have to be public? I don't want to be involved in some big internet drama, but really, this is not just pissing me off, but hurting like hell.

These are not just some random people who linked me by chance. These are people I had a relationship with. People who I thought accepted me for who I am. Again, I don't care that you took my link down. I would have been happy to still talk to you in email, etc. It's the fact that you made is so public, so out in the open stings just a bit. Not to mention humiliating.

Thanks, guys. Notice I'm still taking care not to mention any names or put any links here. Anyone else going to step forward and say something? Come on, you can do it.

My name is ____________ and I am taking Michele off my links list.

Come on, do it. Do it for the children. And while you're at it, take out full page fucking ad that you think I'm a hateful, vile creature.

My inner hatred and angst is pretty fucking personal. It's never going to go away becaues I have been fucked over to the core. Shit like that does not leave you. Yes, I'm high strung. I always have been. Imagine if I wasn't on Paxil! I'd be eating live fucking chickens for breakfast!

I'm sorry if my inner workings and the things that tick me off or make me tick upset you. I'm sorry if I'm not the person you thought I was. Guess you didn't quite know me after all. And you - you know who you are - I am really incredibly suprised and hurt beyond hurt that you joined in the fray and decided to take me off your list. For such an open, liberal person you sure are fucking closed minded. Not to mention a follower.

What's interesting is that people like Brandy and Robyn and Todd, some of the biggest tree hugging, peace loving people I know, still love me and respect me and read this site. They have looked past our differences to realize that I'm a person underneath all that anger.

I'm hurt, I'm sad and I am full of more fucking rage now than ever. Just leave your name here if you are going to take me off your links list so you don't have to go make a fucking announcement on your own blogs that you think I'm an ass.

I'm 40 years old and this is grade school all over again, when Gloria told everyone that she hated me, so of course everyone else came out of the woodworks to hate me, too. It's like bringing your lunch into the cafeteria and realizing that there's nowhere to sit because no one will make a space for you.

Hey, you know what? Gloria turned into one ugly motherfucker. She lives in a double-wide with her six filthy kids and three ex husbands behind her. Heh.

Thanks. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Wow. You can record your own commentary on the Spiderman DVD. Kick ass.


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I don't understand the public delinking ceremonies. Just do it and move on, folks.

Oh, and I'm not taking you off my list. Bite me. :)

Dear Four People Who Publicly De-Linked Michele:

Fuck you, you hypocritical pansy assed pieces of shit. You made a little cubbyhole to put Michele into then when she refused to fit into it anymore you got mad, took your toys and went home. But you had to stand on your front porch, stamp your little feet and throw eggs at her house first.

I have nothing but skin-crawling contempt for the lot of you for your petty and spiteful ways. Go straight to hell, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.


My name is Keith, and I'm an adult, and Michele is still at the top of my links list. She's the only person I know who's cool enough to insist that the DJ plays Faith No More at her wedding. And she eats live fucking chickens for breakfast. I may not always agree with everything she says, but I still think overall she's a good person and I want to know what she's thinking. Did I mention the live fucking chickens?

As the Refreshments said, "Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people." (Of course, that was the same song where they talked about making fake IDs with the name Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the United Federation of Planets.)

On a more serious note, it's not so cool that they publicly announced that they were removing you. If I remove someone, it's done without fanfare. And there's usually something I can point to that leads up to it -- a decline in conversation, major disagreements, we don't post in each other's comments anymore or we have flame wars in each other's comments, or I check their site less and less... It's not like I suddenly wake up and say, "Hey, you know what? Today, I'm going to remove so-and-so, then I'm going to announce it all over cyberspace." That kind of melodrama is reserved for, well, grade school or some other diploma-granting institution.

Equally intelligent and informed people can come to different conclusions. I don't agree with Michele on plenty of this war and terrorist stuff, but I still respect her and her right to speak her mind. Oh, and she's pretty hot too. That always helps. ;)

Heh - something this reminded me of: I got pilloried in someone else's comments by several people for removing a link to a site after I merely said there that I wouldn't be visiting again, even though I made no huge stinking deal about it as some people seem to need. Isn't that ironic? And who the heck is Gloria, anyway? A pox on them all, says I.

Carry on.

You just won my vote for the Real Person of the Year Award...

For what its worth, I added you to my roll...after Gretchen P turned me on to you, among others.

I really liked what you did last 9/11 giving people like me a thought to post and reflect, it was very meaningful and powerful and non-political. I posted anonymously from the perspective of one of the victims just because I was afraid that it would be sound stupid. However, the beauty of blogging is just being allowed to be real, it's people like you and your blog that remind me of this art.


Gloria is just some chick from my past who crops up in my head every now and then to remind me what a weenie i was in grade school.

Hi, my name is Ayne, and I am adding Michele to my links list. No hard feelings, I hope.

I love you. Tons of people love you. Anyone else can take a flying leap off Mount BiteMe.

i have one thing to say: "Free Mumia!" and while you're at it, please consider boycotting Taco Bell.

~peace love and puppy dogs, bran

GAWD! This blog has just officially become a regular read for me!!!!

Heeheehehehe. peace, love and headless puppy dogs to you too, my dear.

What the hell is wrong with people? Dear god, if I only wanted to know, read, and like people who thought just like me...I'm not even sure if I'd have any friends...and I certainly know it would be a very boring life. Being a grown ADULT means accepting their are other views besides your own, and being challenged enough by those views to decide just where you stand and why you stand there. And who knows, you just might learn something. You might become more empathic. And maybe, just maybe, it might suddenly dawn on you why James Carville and Mary Matalin were able to fall in love and marry. If I ever lose the ability to accept, understand, and investigate opinions other than mine -- whether I ultimately agree with them or not -- I hope that's the day I take my last breath.

Screw the cafeteria seating... The cool people meet under the bleachers behind the practice field!

And we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Well, we all shine on
Everyone, c'mon

Michele, I love you. I'll always love you. Your words are mana from heaven - even when I don't agree with them, they make me want to be a better person. You feel things more strongly and more beautifully than anyone I know.

Shine on, baby.

(Ed note: I fixed your open italic tag, dumbass. - michele)

"Gloria is just some chick from my past who crops up in my head every now and then to remind me what a weenie i was in grade school."

Everybody needs a ghost of some sort.

Gloria, don't you think you're fallin'?
If everybody wants you, why isn't anybody callin'?
You don't have to answer
Leave them hangin' on the line, oh-oh-oh
Calling Gloria.....

Hey, I just wandered in, is this a bad time?
For the record:
1)I don't have links
2)No one would care if I added or removed you from them if I did, NO MATTER HOW LOUD I DID IT, because I'm just a some jerk with a computer, and thus my actions are of no real consequence.
3)All that said, I suddenly find myself feeling superior to four people on the net.

Anyway, I just stopped in to say-Cut Gloria some slack, her life sounds bad enough already, and unlike the nameless Four, she was just a kid.

Oh yeah, quit hogging all the live fucking chickens, save some for the rest of us.

Hey, I just wandered in, is this a bad time?
For the record:
1)I don't have links
2)No one would care if I added or removed you from them if I did, NO MATTER HOW LOUD I DID IT, because I'm just a some jerk with a computer, and thus my actions are of no real consequence.
3)All that said, I suddenly find myself feeling superior to four people on the net.

Anyway, I just stopped in to say-Cut Gloria some slack, her life sounds bad enough already, and unlike the nameless Four, she was just a kid.

Oh yeah, quit hogging all the live fucking chickens, save some for the rest of us.

Want a hamster? I hear they taste just like chicken.

and i haven't even started drinking yet...

Blogs are for saying what you think! Most of us are never offended by an honest opinion. Keep writing exactly what you want, and let the small-minded assholes fall where they may. Your action (not revealing names) speaks much louder than their hurtful words. Party on, Garth!

I have two links lists, and I recently moved you-- from the standard-run-of-the-mill-links to the daily-reads. You're special. :) I even agree with you sometimes.

I never understand the delinking ceremony - but then I didn't understand the linking ceremonies that are out there either - my list is just to help me find my way to people I read. I disagree with just about everyone on at least one thing, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop reading/listening to them. I'd be bored to tears surrounded by people who agreed with me all the time. And frankly it's a little bit healthy to get pissed off at things and rant a bit. I just tend to do that towards stuff out in the real world and not people in here (blogland, netville, wherever we're calling it now).

Just babbling.
Oh and I don't think there's anything wrong with having a pity party every now and then. Now if you could just figure a way to pass around the bottle in here, we'd be all set...

...take a flying leap off Mount BiteMe.

Hehe! Yeah. What Solonor said.

And they pull this shit when you're trying to quit smoking? That's just plain f-ing debased and evil. (I'm planning on trying to quit later this month, and have already dug a few shallow graves in preparation.) Anyway, hope you succeed, and damn them all to the hells they so richly deserve. Added you to my bookmarks, too. Great reading.

I am a big old tree-hugging, "peace, love, dope" liberal and I heart you and your damn blog all over the place - if I were the kind of girl to post pictures of my tits, you can bet I would do it, just for solidarity's sake. You're smart, and a lot of the time you're right - and even when you're wrong, you're still smart. I like that in just about anyone, but I particularly like it in you.

smooch you rock girly even if I don't always agree with you. If there is one site I always make time for everyday, it's yours. Tell them to shove it up their asses .

Hamsters don't taste like ckicken,they taste like ham, and they give me the hic-ups. [I will attempt to post this only once this time.]

Just wandered in as part of the Instalanche. Looks interesting. I've added you to my hotlist.

People can be idiots at times.

They can also be cruel.

But to be a cruel idiot - that's damn low.

May I add you to my link list? Doubt you'll get much traffic from my site, but I think you deserve it.


I don't have a blog or I would link you on mine...

Jaysus. You're going on my "top" bloglist now. Those other fools can eat my shorts.

Unreal! You would think the teen shit would end when one reaches-um, adult-hood.

Clique terrorism sucks!

I've never heard of you, and I don't have a blog. From what I've read, though, I think I'll have to get one and link you, just so I can delink you.

Ya know, I've delinked people from my blog in the past, but mostly just because I don't read their site any more or find it interesting any more or because they haven't updated in millenia or because...well, countless reasons. Most of which has nothing to do with them as a person. Or their beliefs, most of the time. But when I do delink somebody, I sure as hell don't run around making Public Service Announcements and running a post-mortem in my blog. They just quietly disappear. I wonder at these people who feel the need to make a big production of delinking somebody from their list. It's like the people who announce on message boards that so-and-so has offended them and they're never coming back. (And then they come back to make sure that everyone is pleading for them to stay. Or to make further catty remarks about why they left.)

I think the song of the day is "I'll stand by you" by the Pretenders.

I have added your blog to my favorites list. That'll show those four umm...Glorias.

BTW how do you manage to eat the live chickens while they're fucking? Quickly I assume?

Ken T

I got so hot when I read your post...I love a woman who isn't afraid to cuss. Consider me a loyal reader from now on...and as an honor to your filthy mouth, you are the first blog-link in my baby-blog.

I may think you're politics are screwed in the head, but I read for the other stuff. What's a little political spat between friends, eh?

And you're should be your, yes, I realize that.

"She's the only person I know who's cool enough to insist that the DJ plays Faith No More at her wedding."
Really???!? Which song(s)? God, Michele, I may have to get a blog of my own just so I can link to you for that...

I came here from instapundit to check out what was going on, I started looking through the site and the photos and I like it...I'll add it to my favorites with pleasure!

Michele - Pain sucks. Still... keep writing what you want and the folks who make a big deal out of not wanting to read it aren't worth the stink that comes off the shit that results from eating live chickens while they procreate.

Michele - no blog, but I've been called a "dedicated blog consumer", and I never heard of you until your shameless campaign on DailyPundit, which I've thoroughly enjoyed.


I actually have something nice to say to the "de-linkers":

I you Idiotarian little suckweasels hadn't started all of this, I might have missed a very funny, wonderfully vicious but, above all, human and honest site.

So thank you.

I now have a great new permalink on my Imperial Blogroll thanks to you. Welcome to the Imperial Dept. of Domestic Affairs, Michele, I'm sorry it took me so long to find you.

Oh, and there's something else I want to say to the widdle "de-linkers", if they ever read this site anymore:

Now that I've thanked you, you pathetic slimy little pickers-on-your-betters, I'm free to tell you that you're a bunch of petty, slithering, carping snotweasels and I wouldn't cross the road to piss on you if your pants were on fire.

And you can take that to the bank.

Keep going, Michele!

L'affaire de-linking de Michele is officially a big deal.

I've never linked to you, but don't worry nobody reads my blog anyway, and I'd be embarrassed if they did.

Don't worry, though. I'm here because of Instapundit. As long as you're on his list, all the others don't mean scat.


Since Glenn at instapundit (probably better named as continualpundit) pointed a bunch of us here, I'd say a fair number of folks have "moved over to let you sit at their table."

Glenn sent me and I'm looking for a fight. What the hell is going on here?! You need some help Michele?

Jim Herrin

My name is Mike and I am damn proud to have Michele on my link list.

I don't know what the deal with what amounts to publicly denouncing you is, but they only make themselves look small and petty. If I was in your situation, I'd keep my link to them just to drive them nuts.

You've got class, integrity, and a sense of humor. Don't let 'em get you down, Porkchop.

You have the same birthday as my 5-year-old son! When I start a blog I will de-link you frequently, but only as part of our volatile friendship that has us alternately screaming at each other, then crying for forgiveness on each other's shoulders. I do not know you, but your profanity is very familiar and home-like. Glenn sent me, and I am not kidding about the birthday thing.


I want debate, not rampant ass-kissing, dammnit.

Let's talk politics, religion, music, how much xXx sucks. Anything but dubious blog etiquette...


I'm tired of this already. Next please...

ok, this is why I still don't have a blog of my own. Michele, I don't know you well, but I respect your opinions. Had I linked you, nothing you said here could have made me change that. This is all so silly...after all, isn't a blog for the voicing of thoughts, opinions, etc.? Sheesh.
Don't let em get to ya, kid. It's not worth it.

Delinking to your site will most likely just diminish the traffic to the "delinkers". Those of us that appreciate you wish not to countenance the views of fair weather friends.

Rage on.

"Take a leap off Mount Biteme" is going to be my new catch-phrase for awhile. Hehehe.

Here's a quote for you from someone who knows about taking knocks:

"You're nobody until you've been booed."
-- Bob Dylan

Michele, this will turn out to be a good thing. Referrals from Instapundit will get you more readers than those 4 jerks. I haven't read your blog much before, but I'll be back more often. I assume these 4 people disapproved of your being pro-war or something? Well, why would you want a bunch of liberal assholes in denial of reality to read your blog? On a personal note, I was dumped by a male friend mainly because my increasing hawkishness alienated him. He never made a formal announcement. He simply stopped calling and took me off his mailing list. You think what happened to you is bad, try that.

All narcissistic children here. Pathetic.

Adding and subtracting are good subjects to learn in school. Most people never get the real hang of it. Which is to be open to ideas. I LOVED THE POSTER ABOVE WHO SPOKE OF MARY MATALIN (sp?) and JAMES CARVILLE, though I thought their wonderful union had a real "fuck you" quality to it. IN other words, by day they spin bullshit, and by night they laugh.

Which is a good thing to do when you're lucky enough to hear. My best professor in college (when I make puky faces having to read Marx) wisely pointed out that we learn the most from our critics, since they really do see our flaws. And, yes, we have them. Some are correctable ... which is why people doing math always want to use pencils that have erasers.

What a blast. I have only a few places I go to on the net. And, Glenn Reynolds sent me here. So, spoilers who try to limit dialog should know they failed.

Chocolate's much better than sex, let alone nicotine. You breath smells lots better. Even babies want to kiss ya on the mouth. What can I say? I'm a lifer when it comes to addiction to candy. Never made it to smoking. Thought I'd choke to death. Whatever. Glad I'm here. Hope I can make ya laugh. Just like Bill Maher said, Politically Incorrect worked because differences of opinion don't have to lead to hate. If anything, after it's over you should feel a damned sight closer than ever. Friends are allowed to argue all of the time. Otherwise, what are they for?


Fuck those wussies. I would LOVE to know who the four are so I can take them off my links list (silently, of course), if they're on there. I shall e-mail you about that and maybe you'll tell me.

I think your blog is wonderful. Like I told you before, you make me feel like a ranter wannabe, plus you're smarter than me. I love that. You rock and whoever de-linked you is an asshole.

My name is Rossz and I am adding Michele to my links list.

This has all gotten so...


I guess there's no room for difference of opinion.

Love you michele

My name is John Hawkins and I have taken Michele off of my links list because of her belligerance and latent conservatism.

I'm afraid that like Gloria, I can no longer share a table with you Michele in your right-wing kitchen of cruelty where your school lunch program doles out anger like gravy on top a particularly lumpy pile of mashed "taters" (as people from the South call them).

If only the lunch lady in your cafeteria were handing out sides of compassion and an extra-helping of love to go along with the meatloaf I could continue to link your blog. But what sort of person would I be if I continued to dine in your cafeteria of rage?

But it doesn't have to be this way Michele! You don't have to drink the spoiled milk of fury or nibble on my ear -- woah Freudian slip there -- nibble on the creamed corn of Fascism. Add another l to your name Michele, an l for love =D

Yours in fata morgana

John Hawkins

I never read you before and have no idea why whoever is pissing and moaning. But I've been yelled at publically and deleted plenty of times. I ignored it all, figured that if I'm pissing people off that badly that I'm obviously getting my message out effectively, and tossed a few more logs on the political bonefire I'd started.

I'm not getting rich off of this. I pay for my own fucking site. I'll say any goddamned thing I please, and I don't give even half a shit if the greater blogiverse doesn't want me in their silly little HS clique.

So, you go, girl. Keep on pissing off the HS kiddies and their self-righteous pettiness. None of them are half as important as they think themselves to be.

ROTFL -- I am sure for everyone "de-linker", you have about 10 more "linkers".

So silly. Like you give a rat's ass if they link you.

It's your blog and you can rant if you want to.

It's suddenly become so un-American to rant, which frankly, scares the Bejezus out of me.


Instantman sent me...
I recently discovered your blog via Bill's contest...
From your writing, you strike me as a smart and caring person, someone whom I'd be pleased to know and proud to call a friend. Consider it done.

Like a fishhook, the hurt needs to be pushed through and out the other side, rather than dragged back out. I await your recovery.

Hmm... Never been here before, but am now thanks to Glenn Reynolds. After reading through some of your posts and enduring the subsequent comments, here's my overall impression.

The blogoshere seems to be largely (though not entirely) populated by immature, mouth-breathing, bi-polar bottom-dwelling, anti-social troglodytes who have way too much time on their hands and have somehow convinced themselves they Something Important to say to the rest of their people group.

Thankfully, there is a small growing group of bloggers who nevertheless run contrary to the grain of this gross, though well-deserved, generalization. You seem to be one of them. At the the very least, others who matter more to you than your detractors think quite highly of you -- and that is a good thing.

So rant away, Skippy, if that keeps you sane. No one forces anyone to read it. Consider 12-year-old Wild Turkey instead of tequila. Exercise regularly. Get a labrador retriever. Watch Girl Interrupted for the umpteenth time. Stop taking it all so personally. And get some sleep.

I liked your commentary on the vampires at the Wellstone death rally the other day. Now I read on Andrea Harris' site about these idiots pulling your link from their page out of spite. Well, fuck them and the horses they rode in on. I'm ADDING you to my links. Have a nice day!

Michelle, I too have added you to my links. Having helped (yeah, my wife had some part in it too) raise five strong daughters with more cajones than any of the leftist weenies I find blogging I can assure you that there is nothing more formidable than any individual, male or female, with the guts to tell it like it is. Non illegitimi carborundum and keep it up!

I don't even know what is going on, but it sounds stupid. We are talking about real live people here, one might remember. Sometimes, if you have a problem with a person, you talk. Or walk. But this public denunciation stuff seems silly. That said, I have no factual basis for an opinion, but that can't stop me now.

Well,if Bloger ever publishes again, I will add you to my blogroll. Make new friends and lose the old.


You rock.

Proud to read your posts....

Lynn Carrier

read greg's post again, sugar. fifth one up. what he said. but substitute chivas.

If it is any minor consolation, I just permalinked you about 5 days ago, before all this whatever happened. Some of us like your writing!

Michele, I love your site, always have. I may not always agrees with your views, but hey I'm human. :) Your site is well written, thought inspiring and gosh darn it fun to read!

To those who have felt the need to publicly announce when they are taking a link of their page a little piece of advice: Do it quietly, the rest of us do not need to know the reasons why, nor do we really care to hear them.

I'm placing you on my site asap.

Mary Matalin was single, getting old and desperate. That's why she married Car-vile.

Some people will do anything for companionship, including sleep with the enemy.

While I don't have a blog, I do have bookmarks and not a day goes by that I don't read you. Keep doing what you're doing ... it's great. (Mount BiteMe, I love it.)



Don't ever change! You're consistently entertaining and interesting. I don't have a blog either. Just bookmarks. You're on the top of the list.....well because it's in alphabetical order. :)

Hey Felix, if you don't like it don't come here, since when you post it just makes it harder for me to find what I said... I like to scroll up and just gaze.
Anyway, Sekimori has a few extra of these, I think this one should be yours.

i just gave your sight a read after seeing it on instapundit. i plan to keep reading.

Ditto what John posted at 11:28a on 02NOV02.

Keep on keeping on and I'll visit more often

I don't have a computer, only an e-mail machine, so I probably cannot become a blogger, even if I want to. I have been reading Michelle's comments, and the responses thereto, and some of them are pretty interesting, while some sound aa little scary, like the guy who gets hot when Michelle talks dirty. Yuck! I'm probably old enough to be the grandfather of all of you, but I certainly would not want to be. What has made so many of you so bitter, including Michelle? I would like to link with Michelle because I dearly love a good argument, and from the sounds of what I have just read we could have some good ones. How do I get on her mailing list? Incidentally. lgof stand for one grumpy old fart.

You say "eating live chickens for breakfast" like that's a BAD thing.

Welcome to my blogroll, darlin'.

whup, I don't visit for a while and here I find a big commotion.

although I don't have the time to really regularly read blogs anymore, I still have michele linked because I find her one of the most fascinating people I have linked. then again, all the people I link are fascinating ;)

but I prefer candy (including chocolate) over live chickens. less blood.

Re the high scool behavior of the Four Avengers:

Sounds like you have a problem with Juvenile De-link-wents.


Who is this Tom? I want him to be my next husband.

my political leanings tend toward the kinds you've recently referred to as "idiotic" in your blog. I disagree with many of the things you have written about lately, but so the fuck what? I still like you. I still read you almost every day, I will continue to link to your blog. I think you're smart, hilarious, and honest.

I love my country, I get mad at my government, I love that I can protest war and rail against republicans on my blog and still read and enjoy the words of people whose opinions are polar opposites of my own. I'm glad you're around, I'm glad you're writing, and even though sometimes I get miffed and a lil bit offended by what you write, I'm not gonna stop digging Michele & what she's got to say.

Chocolate and alcohol? A swing rightwards post 911? An angry middle aged woman? With kids? Who still reads comic books?

Michele, I think you might be me, but I eat oatmeal for breakfast and don't blog. I have added you to my Favorites list, however.

Keep up the good work,

Jeanne Z.

P.S. Thanks to Little Green Footballs for turning me on to Michele's site.

Still here, still linked, still glad to read. Late as usual to the folderol, but that's Pacific Island living for you.

40 years old w/ a post like this? Do yourself a favour & get off the sauce.

hey ... i like reading your stuff, and i don't agree with a lot of it. the internet tends to be stupid grade school a lot which is why i now just blog to see myself type, sort of like the whole talking to hear yourself thing. then i go read other people's blogs and either learn something neat or not feel so bad about my life. it's all good fun!


Well - as you know - I have devoted a post to KISSING YOUR ASS, and you have been in my Supery Dupery Special Links FOR A LONG FUCKING TIME.

Look at it this way, I called anti-war protesters a bunch of pussies and no one even farted in my direction.

If they hate you - then you are doing a GREAT JOB.

I for one, love you and your vile canards make me HORNY. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID HORNY, like as in dripping hot sex horny.

I liked this post so much, I'm going to create a blog, link to you, and then de-link you in an effort to get you to write another similar post.