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despite all my rage

REMINDER:GET THE VOTE OUT! I just want to remind you that it is your duty to go vote for me at least five times. If you have more than one computer, vote ten times. If you are at work, use everyone's computer and vote 100 times. If you are a hacker, vote 6,000 times. I will bribe you, threaten you or do whatever it takes to win this. Don't make me hurt you. Because I will. Oh, I will. And I will enjoy it.

Now, what part of my anatomy should I post pictures of tonight? And how can I bribe you female voters?

despite all my rage i'm still just a sucker for bad pictures

I've got some things to do. Back to the pity party, the anger, the rage, the bloodlust and the righteous indignation later.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this, which is just begging for a caption:

click for supersize

Leave captions below. Thanks to Robyn for finding the pic in the first place.

And speaking of captions, I didn't win Dodd's contest this week. I demand a recount.


"Okay, so the leg's a fake. But those are real, right?"

No, I'm not giving it back to you unless you admit that Paul blames Yoko for the breakup of the Beatles!

Do you mind if I keep this just through the holidays? I always wanted one of those major award leg-lamps from "A Christmas Story"...

Any pun I offer would only end up as a shin dig.

Larry has a leg up on the competition...

tosses in a couple of rimshots for Mike

(so it's not a caption)

Maybe it's because I don't have a fake leg, but really... of all the things to do.
Who gives someone else thier leg.

What happened to a good old fashioned handshake?

Actually, I think she had the best crack about it "Paul's not going to like you touching my leg."

Curse you, Robyn, for taking my idea! Or, actually, for having it well before I did.

Larry's checking to see if it's made of the same material as his teeth...

Yes, Larry, "the knee bones connected to the thigh bone", but do you have to sing it?

"Fragile? It must be Italian."

"If you think that was funny, pull my finger!"

I can't mock her, even if I wanted to; problem is, she supplanted Linda in Paul's heart, and man, that pisses me off. Every damned love song he ever wrote after he met Linda -- the good and the bad ones -- were for her.

Now? Feh.

"So you see, Larry, it was a misunderstanding. He really just wanted to get his leg over."

(You may have to speak British to get that.)

"So now that I've touched yours..."

Perhaps she can smack her bloke over the head with it for cancelling his Aussie tour with the most piss-weak excuse. We don't want you here anyway Paul. Go home!

"No, you can do better than that. Paul's worth a billion - I'm not giving it back for a lousy $50"

hate to be serious, but scott, she didn't "supplant linda in paul's heart." widows and widowers get remarried all the time. it doesn't mean he loves linda any less. i think heather's incredibly brave to marry a man who loves someone else so much.

It all started when Heather grabbed Larry's glasses, put them on and said, "Wow! You're blind as a bat!"

Who ARE those people?

Heather: "I want Paul to add a Steely Dan song to his play list. I'm thinking 'Peg' maybe."
LayKing: "Ha ha ha! If he does old standards, how about 'Peg o' my Heart?'"

Uh- That's not what I meant when I asked about getting some leg.

"Larry, do you get the point of this marvelous feat?"