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am i evil?

Don't forget to vote for me. There's a message board, too. You can tell everyone how evil and blood thirsty I am. I'm still in the lead, but it's getting too close for comfort.

am i evil?

I woke up this morning pissed off and that's good. I don't mind being pissed off as long as I feel my pissiness is justified.

I'm not going to print or reproduce the emails I got, because I'm just not like that. Ok, maybe just a representative quote or two:

I think it was very wrong of you to take your grievance with one person to airwaves of the internet. You should have just sent him/her an email and have been done with it, instead of fighting in public and having everyone call that person names and chastise him for having a difference of opinion. That's bullshit. You are a pussy.

Thanks, Jim with the hotmail address that blocked me from sending a return email.

Let's get a couple of things straight. This other person is the one who took it "to the airwaves of the internet" first. He named names and even linked to me and called me by name. I did no such thing. And you know what? I still like him. I still think he is a decent person who has let his passion for his values get in the way of friendship. But I am not going to tell anyone who he is, because I do not want people going over to his site and ridiculing him or sending him nasty emails, much like people have been doing to me.

If I was a pussy, I wouldn't have brought it up at all. If I was a pussy, I wouldn't be sharpening my knife right now, would I?

More from the mailbag:

Chris K. writes:

Get a life and get off the internet. Get a job. Get laid. Get a boyfriend. Get that dried up crack between your legs loosened up and maybe you will stop being such a bitch.

Dear Chris,

Hmm. I have a job, I have a life and I have a husband. I don't think he would like the idea of me having a boyfriend but he sure did like your "getting laid" idea. When I basked in the afterglow of my seventh orgasm, I thought of you and laughed at your expense. And hey, I'm still a bitch. Go figure.

From Kerry in Alabama:

Your gratuitous shots of your tits, which probably aren't even yours, is disgusting. You should be ashamed. No wonder people stopped reading you and linking you. You are a whore. You talk bad about people and then get upset when they talk about you. That picture of you probably isnt even you, its probably your lesbian lover.

I wrote to Kerry:

Dear Kerry,

Thank you for your kind email. Those are, in fact, my tits. I'm sorry you find them disgusting. I think they are rather nice considering I don't have the body of say, Dawn Olsen. If I did I would be sharing pictures of myself daily. That's not to imply that Dawn is my lesbian lover. Not that I wouldn't want her to be. I'm a whore like that, Kerry. Hey, what are you wearing? Wanna have cyber sex?

And one last one from Steve, who has written me many times before, always with the same one line:


Ok, Steve. I'll take a large pepperoni pie, hold the napalm. Thanks.

That's not to say that I don't get nice emails, too.

Both Rachel Lucas and Sasha Castel, two bloggers I have been admiring from afar, wrote me last night to say they enjoy my site and they like me! I got good mail!

Now, back to being a blood thirsty beast who has obviously grown horns in her head and carved a "666" in her skull since coming out as a semi-conservative. I'm not contagious, folks. But I am evil.

Yes, I am.


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Hey, hey... don't forget the outlandishly weird or non-sequitur mail I send you, too... that's got to count for something, right?

Laurence does indeed send the strangest emails ever. But I wanted to keep him for myself and that's why I didn't share any. You would all be begging him for email soon, and then he would stop writing me. He's my pet, damn it.

Why can't these people just fuck off if they have nothing of value to say?

I don't give a shit. I love your site. I love your opinions. I love everything.

And if they don't fuck em! It's your site and you're free to rip anyone you want a new asshole. You don't have a site so you can censor yourself!

People are so f'ing stupid!

He sends me weird email, too. :)

Michele, you can be my lesbian lover any time.

I thought I already was!

Well, one of them... :P

OK, I've been outta the loop for a couple of weeks, and I miss all the fun!

Just for that I might remove you from my blogroll, and send you a variety of nasty/stupid/insulting emails.

Although probably not, I mean your a babe who gets her kit off... SORRY, an EVIL babe who gets her kit off... rarrrrrr

If I ever got hate mail I'd take it as a badge of honor and post it proudly.

Don't listen to those dipshits. You just keep being your fierce self.


While it's true that you aren't the one who aired your grievance first, I found the other person's announcement about the fact that you were going to be removed from the blogroll to be exceptionally polite. I don't feel like you portrayed that in your response, perhaps because it's difficult to do so when you are feeling hurt. If you read it again, I think you might see that he was very respectful of you. Your readers were NOT respectful of him because you made it sound like he just WRENCHED you from his blogroll, and stomped on you a few times.

I don't read your blog regularly. I didn't know you "before." I'm glad you have found a voice here, but I have to say that this introduction of you has not convinced me that you are worthy of my respect or my readership.

I hope you get a chance to re-read the initial "offending" post in a clearer state of mind, and perhaps that you might find yourself able to appreciate the sentiment behind it. From all I've heard about you, you are a much better person than what I'm seeing of you right now.

OH...wait...just to clarify: I don't at all condone the offensive and, basically DUMB remarks you received via e-mail. That's just low.

I like you. I like your site. I like that you put it out there. I don't have to agree with what you say. And I don't have to call you names. I wish I was as good with words and expressing myself. Keep up the good work.

My first thought after reading of the original post was, "Well, that was awfully self-important." But hey, a man's blog is his castle.

Which is why I would like to point out right now that criticizing someone's blog, telling them their thoughts and feelings are wrong is most likely going to get a rude response. They're not debating soy prices, this is not a public forum...it's a personal journal, if you don't agree, great. But a backhanded compliment (ie. "you are a much better person than what I'm seeing of you right now") is the same as an insult.

>I woke up this morning pissed off and that's good. I don't mind being pissed off as long as I feel my pissiness is justified

Well, you know what they say - better to be pissed off than pissed on...

"Hold the napalm" - lol, I think I luv ya.

You know I don't like to hop on here with just another "I love you" post. Your ego doesn't need it (though it never hurts to hear it now and then). But even I am getting tired of the evil thing.

wKen's not evil, Seki's not evil, and you are DEFINITELY not evil. Anyone who sends you e-mail telling you that is a moron. I don't have to agree with you 100% of the time to love you. In fact, it would make you pretty damn boring.

So, just get a good e-mail filter and ignore those losers.

(For anyone who hasn't cast their ballot, yet, ignore the above. She really is the bloody-thirstiest and war-hungriest...yada, yada, yada...)

Oh like DRUBLOOD should JUDGE you Michele!
THAT is a laugh.

I'll serve your ass like John McEnroe,
if your girl steps up, i'm smackin da ho.

How come my hate mail is always so much duller than yours, Michele?

I'd call your pack of idiots misogynists, but they're obviously too dumb to even know how to spell the word, let alone what it means.

say drublood, a little condescension goes a long way, huh?

What was the purpose of announcing that the link was being removed? Unless there was some sort of slight meant, why not simply remove the link and get on with the day?

i don't get hate mail. well, except for the chick who thought i should just die and burn in hell for writing about my manatee.

Solonor, you lying bastard, I am too evil!!!

Evil is my one and only naaaaame!!!

I regularly kill, er, cockroaches!
I say mean things to old ladies...when I'm driving.
I hate Republicans...and Democrats, and Independents, and Green Party members.
I think cute, fuzzy bunnies are...well, cute and fuzzy.


Just not as evil as Michele.

She lies. I learned most of my evilness from her.

My life is so boring. I never get any hate mail. I've been listening to too much Bach and Palestrina. I wonder if I started listening Wagner it would make me bitchy enough to get hate mail.

Anyway... Some people just don't get that whole FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION thing do they?

Ummm... Sekimori and Michele are, in fact, the most evil people I have never met. In fact, I am deathly afraid to meet them. Ever. They would rip out my entrails, light them on fire, and dance on top of them barefooted.

Most. Evil. Ever.

If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'... ack...

no, you're not evil, michele.

Yes, Michele, you are evil. But only in the most adorable cuddly way imaginable. Keep up the good work, and feel free to post pictures of whatever part of your anatomy you care to expose to your fans.

"I don't read your blog regularly. I didn't know you 'before.' I'm glad you have found a voice here, but I have to say that.." I read some of the blogs of your naysayers and they are so...damn...boring... I just found your blog today (how did I miss it for so long?) and it is wicked and hilarious and thoroughly entertaining. So poo on anyone who says you're a better person than you're pretending to be (wtf?), because you rock pretty hard as it is.