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your time will come

your time will come

A lot of people are doing lists of their favorite scary movies. Dawn, John and Ashman come to mind.

I just want to say one thing. THE WICKERMAN WAS NOT SCARY!

Please, for the love of Satan, someone explain to me the great cult status bestowed upon that movie. They sang songs about vegetation! Corn rigs and barley!

It just wasn't scary, ok?

Neither was Jeepers Creepers. Or Thirteen Ghosts. Now, Kazaam, that was scary in an entirely different way. In the same way as Glitter.

Alright, three margaritas and five snicker bars later, I think I'm ready to come up with those cleavage pictures I promised. But you have to vote for me. I'm talking to you, Treacher.


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have you seen Demons? The foreign one? That one scared the living shit outta me and kept me out of a theater for a full year. no lyin and I love scary movies. The bloodier the better.

have you seen Demons? The foreign one? That one scared the living shit outta me and kept me out of a theater for a full year. no lyin and I love scary movies. The bloodier the better.

Thanks for the link. Many thanks.

Everyone has different opinions about what movies are scary or not, but believe me I am with you on this one, "Wickerman" was not scary, IMHO it sucked.

I should salute John for his number two selection however, "Pumpkinhead" it is the most underated horror movie of our time.

i thought "Save the Last Dance" was a little frightening. frightening that i actually sat through the whole thing.

Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. Now that was a scary movie.

The Wickerman is dull, if anything else. While fun to watch schools teaching may poles, etc, it's more or less a boring flick.

The first half of Jeepers Creepers was fantastic. Really good stuff. The second half? Pure grade-A trash.

"Something Wicked This Way Comes" and "The Watcher In The Woods". two creepy Disney flicks made for 'young people'. they're not so much scary as...unnervingly creepy.

For me,the original "invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "Psycho" were the top scary flicks of my youth. A recent one which was creepy was "Killer Klowns from Outer Space," much better than the dubious title would suggest.

What are you talking about? Jeepers Creepers scared the living shit out of me. I mean, if something like that can actually get made in this day and age...

Went to see "28 Days Later" last night. Now that was a fucking excellent apocalyptic horror movie.

Turned on the TV when we got home and fell asleep watching Nightmare on Elm Street concurrently with Hellraiser and Poltergeist (flipping channels during the dull parets of each). The old ones just ain't as scary anymore.

"They sang songs about vegetation! Corn rigs and barley!"

And that isn't scary?

I love The Wicker Man, though I don't find it particularly scary. Enjoy it more as a flick of conflicting ideas, and, yeah, I like it that the pagans "win." Still, I think the movie's early pushers (e.g., Cinefantastique, which hyperbollically called it the "Citizen Kane of Horror Movies") probably did it a disservice by elevating it so much . . .

Scariest Movie Ever: Velvet Goldmine. I sometimes still wake up screaming.

Most Unscary "Billed as Heart-Attack-Inducing" Movie Ever: The Exorcist. I mean, come on. I swear this was a musical without music. That scene where Father Karras and the Other Priest (I forget his name) were trying to pray the levitating bed down looked like it was choreographed by Kander and Ebbs.

A little late posting this, but how about Motel Hell? I haven't seen it in years but I recall it was scary as hell...

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