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blood lust

blood lust

Michael Meyers dropped by for a Halloween treat. We found some anti-war protesters and turned them into walking corpses. See the picture of that kid with the blood on his head? We kicked him to get his Snickers bars. How many of you blood thirsty hawks can say you hang out with the undead? How many of you have proof that you actually kicked an innocent child in the head today? Wait until you see what I did to the hippie.

I am the only one with proof that I am an evil, blood lusting bitch! And there's more where that came from.


I live near rural South-East Kent in England. Recently, my job gave me an official warning by upholding a complaint from some customers that I used too many 'American words and pronounciations' and that they found it offensive and threatening.

If these folks AREN'T undead, then they've found a really successful way to stay alive since the dark ages.