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ever get this one in your treat?

ever get this one in your treat bag?

One last thing before I head out the door:

Have a Jack Chick Halloween!


And remember: religious tracts given out as Halloween treats can only result in your house being egged. Or worse.

This has been a Halloween Public Service Announcement.


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That is truly the most ghoulish thing I have ever read. How appalling!

I never got one in a bag, but I've had my share presented to me in my life. I get a kick out of them, to be honest. Let's see, I'm a pagan, I play D&D . . . gee, I'm proof positive of what Chick says!


honestly, this stuff makes me nauseous. i mean, yay freedom of religion, but i think protelyzing to children - impressionable children who may have agnostic/athiest/non-christian rearings - is an abhorrent practice. i have no problem of one person attempting to sway another adult to his or her belief system, but for an adult to try to tell someone else's kid that they are going to hell... it shouldn't happen.

it's about candy and being a kid. not about god.

Ironically, many of these are the same sorts of people who get upset at comics that delve into mature subject matter, and who picket comic book shops saying that the medium is always aimed at young children. (I never got that. Why is it okay to have literature which isn't aimed at kids, but not comics? Which is a whole 'nother rant for another time.)

I guess it depends who's doing the pushing though.

Yeah, religious tracts are dumb and so on blah blah blah...What I want to know is why it's always gotta be timmy!

Lassie, who fell down the well?

Who gets hit by the car and goes to hell?

Who gets thier pants pulled down in that 70's show?

I couldn't tell you how many times a boy named Timmy gets the short end of the stick in The Family Guy.

And then there is that freaking south park charicter! I swear the next person who greats me with a loud TIMMAY! is gonna get punched in the throat!

I think Dickens is to blame for this with tiny Tim from the christmas carol.

Pardon me for the rant but I feel much better now.

Gimme good candy. That's what I'm sayin'

Gimme good candy. That's what I'm sayin'

I was going to comment on this earlier, but I couldn't think exactly what I wanted to say. But then Shel said it, so yay Shel!

One word: Amen!

(To you, not Chick of course)

When I hear disturbing religious propaganda like this, I comfort myself with three observations.

1> People who resort to religious bullying are just as vulnerable to explosions, beatings and random gunfire as anyone else

2> If there isn't an afterlife, then we know for certain that they'll EVENTUALLY shut up

3> If there is, then I'm going to be sent away from the gates of heaven, which I'm pretty sure will put me out of earshot of this kind of scaremongering bullshit.


alison: yay me! :D (i love it when people go yay about things i do :)

Not to mention the poor quality of the drawings...jeez Michele, I'm surprised that didn't irk you as much as the content...