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no treats, just tricks

no treats, just tricks

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Now, if you'll excuse me, I have Halloween festivities to attend to. I'm dressing up as a blood thirsty hawk and putting BOMB IRAQ! stickers in the goodie bags of the little kiddies that ring the bell today. I have an effigy of Woody Harrelson hanging from my oak tree and I'm telling all the kids that if their mommies and daddies are liberals, Saddam is going to come get them and take them away in the middle of the night. And then I'm going to empty out my kids' goodie bags and keep all the peanut butter cups for myself!

Tell me that doesn't deserve your vote.

I'll be back tonight with lots of pictures of our family's venture into the dark side of Halloween.


Okay, you got my vote... even though I'm not sure if you really are the most bloody thirsty hawk blog around. To us Canadians you USAians all seem so damn bloody thirsty and hawk-like it's damn near impossible to rate youse. Kinda like on a scale of 1 -> 10 USAians are just 10++. ;)

Anyhow, you are definately as bloody thirsty as they come (although I don't think you resemble a hawk in any way, you're too good looking) and you have a rock star blog, so count me in.

Good luck!!

I steal all my kid's Laffy Taffy. Why? Because I can. And I'm bigger. that's why.

michele, for those non-americans in the crowd, who's picture is superimposed on the kitten? i can't tell.

Oh. That's Saddam lover Susan Sarandon.

Saddam is banging Susan Saradon? Okay. Bomb the bastard.

i regret that i have only two IP addys with which to contribute to this cause. you are, however, ahead by six last time i checked.

Oh wait. Saddam lover, not Saddam's lover. Gotcha. My mistake.

Damn! That was so good you almost got my vote, and I'm running against you. Almost I said! I must say, you are truly evil. I would be hard pressed to match your omnipotent world wide web of death, destruction, torture, mayhem, and bloodshed. I may have to concede defeat and humbly ask to join you and your reign of terror. Is the position I applied for still open? Chief of the Salt Mines? Please your Evilness!

The spice mines of Kessel still need a chief of staff.

You already got my vote.

Dude, I just made you take the lead...

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