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hit me baby, one more time

hit me baby, one more time

I use various tracking systems not to keep track of my hit count, but to see where the readers of this site come from.

For my hit count, I use my server statistics, which are generally more accurate than sitemeter or Extreme Tracking, neither of which counts hits from sites like Little Green Footballs, Metafilter and a host of others.

I was averaging about 800-1,000 hits a day last month. The numbers have doubled, and some days tripled, in the last month. Not just quickie surges - the count has pretty much stayed up in that range since.

I just want to give a shout of thanks to the following people who linked me and sent an absurd amount of hits my way - we are talking in the thousands here:

Instapundit, Daily Pundit, LGF, Cold Fury, Vodka Pundit, Volokh Conspiracy, Inside Gretchen's head, Asparagirl, Demented and Sad, Blogatelle, Short Strange Trip, Siflay Hraka, Amish Tech Support, Yourish, Bitchery.

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Oh, that's right. Just rub it in, why don't you? Here I am writing my tiny, cold, black heart out on my site every day (almost), carefully cultivating my miniscule audience of 3 regular visitors like prize winning daffodils, and you let me know that I'll never be a Blog Star like you no matter how hard I try because I don't get links from da' big boys.

It's days like this that I truly believe I should get breast implants and a web cam.

See what happens when you have a great blog? People read :-)

Congratulations. You're definitely one of my favorites.

Wait, I thought you were big time way before now... you mean... you've been faking it this whole time?!

I am a frequent visitor, Michelle, and a HUGE fan. I rarely add my $.02 but your site is one of my favorite places to visit. Keep up the great work!

you're sweet. i have three readers, and they all came from you.

oh yeah! don't thank the little people!

you tart!

and i read you every day tanya ... not because of this hussy either.

When was the last time you linked me? And you freaking went to the bathroom last night and I waited twenty minutes for you, sitting there playing with myself. That must have been some dump you took.


You did not wait twenty minutes, but to answer your questions:

A) when I get back from tulsa, and B) yes, he is adorable. I would pinch his cheeks but he's from Long Island, and you people are just mean.


Oh. So THAT'S where all my readers went.

No hits from my site? That's sad. :(

I do get a lot of hits from your site. And everyone should go there because it's a FANTASTIC site.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Too little too late! Haha.