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where my bitches at?

where my bitches at?


Vote for me.

I really need this. I'm sick, I haven't smoked in three days and I could sure use a pick me up.

If I can't appeal to your empathetic side, perhaps I can appeal to your more animalistic nature.

Don't make me do something I'll regret in the morning.


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Awright, awright, I voted for ya... wouldn't want to get the shit beat outta me.

I know what the quitting is like. I've done it a couple of times over the years, never have been able to stick with it.

Nicotine withdrawal is the most horrible feeling I've ever experienced. Every single nerve fiber feels like it's an inch-thick steel cable under 50,000 pounds of tension. You're ready to rip someone's head off, just for the release. Just waiting for someone- anyone will do- to make one false move. Even a teensy one.

Is that pretty much the way it is?

Well, that's pretty much the way every day is for me, Dave. The nicotine withdrawal just makes it worse.

Thanks for the vote. The two bucks are in the mail.

I had my hopefully last smoke on Sunday. What to fight??

I quit almost thirty years ago. I still remember it. I still stick my pencil in my mouth when I'm distracted...

So I voted for you. Twice.

I smoke (over forty years), and every time someone quits it threatens to drive up the price for me. And a friend of mine had a lung collapsed and has not smoked in eleven years - but still tries to sit downwind...

Nonetheless, hang in there. Quit, and stay off. One thing might help, if you aren't already doing it: once a week, put what you would have spent on cigarettes (or cigars, or whatever) in a "splurge" account to be spent once or twice a year. Amazing.

I voted. As of my vote, you are two votes off of "The Empire of Man". That's just wrong! I will post a vote for you in my blog.

okay - went there... did that... hope your happy...

If you can't hack it, try Nicorette. I quit smoking New Year's 2000, and I've been chomping this crappy gum since then. Sure, your teeth will rot, and it's actually more expensive than smoking, but at least you won't get cancer.

Good luck in the contest, BTW. Since I see you are "enticing" your voters, I might have to do the same.