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i bet the placecards had donkeys on them

My photo self potrait is up at Picture Yourself
Carnival of the Vanities 6 has rolled off the assembly line

GO VOTE FOR ME FOR THE MOST BLOOD-HUNGRY HAWKISH WARBLOGGER! NOW! I SAID NOW! Don't make me hurt you. (use the sidebar voting thing)

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i bet the place cards had donkeys on them

The theme of the evening, "Stand up, keep fighting," became the anthem for the faithful, who vowed to carry Wellstone's legacy into the final days of the Senate campaign.

Theme of the evening? Did they have matching paper plates and napkins at the subsequent dinner dance?

Anyhow, my point is this. And this is really a note to both my sisters, who frequently drop by here to read my rantings:

I know how both of you love themes and party planning. Go ahead. Hang decorations at my funeral. Make invitations. Hell, you could even charge to get in, I don't care. But I know you guys. I know how you work. And I'll be there, watching over everything. So just remember, if you dare play that "Seasons in the Sun<" song, I will have all the ghosts in hell follow me to your homes where we will devour your pets and set your beds on fire.


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And what will the theme be? "She tried so hard to quit, but couldn't!"

I must say I LOVE that photo of you on the picture yourself site. It's SWEET

It IS pretty cool. But I have to admit...the green made me think of limes, and hence, margaritas.

Mmm...Or perhaps Midori...yum.

Unless you are referring to my husband-to-be, I do not have any pets. now, i have to tell you, "seasons in the sun" might be a real picnic for you, because if you don't put something in writing, you're going out in grand Catholic style (insert priest joke here). I'm sure you'll be rejected at the gate, but I'll try anyway. go on, try & burn my bed!

by the way, thanks for ranting about the so-called service. I'm glad I wasan't the only person yelling at my tv screen "HELLO?? ISN'T THIS A MEMORIAL??? DIDN'T 8 PEOPLE DIE???" ugh...

"Bloody-hungry"? I voted for you, but you are in 3rd place right now.

Ditto. (I voted twice...different IP's...shhhhh!) But you'll have to be nastier, my queen! You're getting beaten by The Empire of Man and Mostly Wasted. That's just not right.

That pic of you.....it....it looks exactly like your daughter!!!
You guys could be twins!!!!!

New viewer to your blog - found you via picture yourself!

Love your bathroom wallpaper.

Forget bathroom wallpaper, I made it my desktop wallpaper here in the agency.

Chele, you may get a call from the creative director about a casting session...