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flying fists of death

flying fists of death

I would just like to thank Meryl for her encouragement while I endure The Lure of Forbidden Nicotine: Day 3.

Now, if anyone would like to volunteer to let me beat them up (or just offer up someone I can physically abuse), then perhaps I can work out this aggressive adrenaline that seems to be taking over my life in lieu of smoking.

Did I mention that I have a horrid bout of PMS right now, too? If anyone even looks at me wrong today, I may be forced to use the flying fist of death on them.

I'm looking at you. Yea, you.


Kim and I both went cold turkey four years ago. I was a two-plus pack-a-day smoker for about 17 years, and I couldn't take it any longer.

After the second week or so, it begins to even out some. You'll never stop craving them, though -- I have friends who've not smoked for 20 years who still want them. It's willpower. You can do it, if I could!

hides under desk, shoving forth annoying co-worker

i'm sitting here, naked, waiting for you to pound me. What are you waiting for?

YOW, did you have to rip out my prince albert?

cough tongue ring cough

I'm on day 9 over here... and I still wanna pound people. Preferrably people who stand in front of me smoking a cigarette letting all the smoke go in my face.

I'm feeling VERY sorry for your husband right about now.

I don't envy you! I've stopped and started and stopped again for years now. The first few weeks are the hardest, but Scott's right... I don't think it ever goes away.

Why can't they make cigarettes that are good for you?!??! (Heh)

Buy a bunch of pumpkins. Nothing better for venting rage than splattering pumpkins with a baseball bat.

"Do you LOVE Smashing Pumpkins?!"
"Are you kidding, I love to do that!"

Everyone around you must be made to understand that you are sick right now. If they refuse to understand, kill them.

It's been two months for me. It does get better but not nearly soon enough.

alas, michele! i'm on day 3 too, but you know what? i'm weak, WEAK. i sneaked one this morning. only half though. i kept seeing Dick Vernon in his Barry Manilow threads saying, "Don't mess with the bull, you'll get the horns." i couldn't finish.

plus, you know, it really tasted like shit. this is a good thing, no?

my mom quit smoking two years ago--her dr. told her the 'physical addiction' passes after 3 days, after that you're fighting the mental addiction. so hang in there.

I am commandeering computers to vote you bloodthirsty hawkish beeeyaaatttchhh.

Good luck!


Sorry, but you'll get no sympathy here. I quit smoking cigarettes Feb 28, 2001. Never looked back. If you're having trouble dealing, it's because your brain knows what your heart won't admit: You don't want to quit. Not yet anyways. Good luck.

Lisa, I think you just taunted the flying fist of death.

taunting I am impervious to Michele's "flying fists of death".

I fear the fists, so I voted for you. Although Empire of man is truly psycho.

Good luck kicking the butts, and kicking some butts.

Anyone interested in truly psycho, should check out this discussion thread between Michele and myself, on Daily Pundit.

Riyadh delenda est!

Sorry cato. You lost points for actually bringing something KLINGON into the mix. You Suck. Michele must win.

My EX! My EX! My EX! Beat him up! Leave him a whimpering pile of flesh.....AFTER he signs an agreement to actually PAY ME SOME CHILD SUPPORT!

Good luck! I'm on my 2nd week and I dream about cigarettes. It gets better, but oh so slowly.