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short and sweet

short and sweet

Dear Ted Rall,

You are an ass.



And while we are on the subject of asses, to the person at Indymedia who wrote this:

Corporate Media Black out of Wellstone Memorial

As I write this, a Memorial service is being held for Sen. Wellstone. If you turn to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CNBC or any of the other corporate media channels, you won't see any coverage of this. None. A memorial service for a sniper victim gets hours of coverage on all of these channels. A memorial service for an opposition politician who dies violently gets zero coverage. None, nada, nothing, zero. Completely blacked out.

Both FoxNews and MSNBC were carrying it. I know I wasn't that drugged out on NyQuil that imagined seeing it on both channels.

Maybe they cut away from it when they realized it was really a Democrat convention.


Politics in the USofA is embarrassing at best!

Again, i ask and wonder - what are these dems flying around in small, private planes for? Do all politicians. Are dems so pampered and wealthy they do this type of private air travel?

Yeah, the memorial service did have a bit of a DNC feeling to it, didn't it. My feelings were hurt for Dick Cheney though. How much does that suck, to be UNINVITED to a memorial service you were probably only attending out of duty anyway!

Cheney deserved to be barred for the way the Administration has treated Wellstone's death.

And just how has the Administration treated Wellstone's death? By wanting to send the VP to show respect they should be punished? Yea, sure, guess that is a bad way for them to honor someone that has died....not

Sorry, but I think they figured Cheney might rain on their little convention---I mean--memorial service...thus they asked him not to attend. The fact that he wanted to be there showed that the "Administration" was trying to respect the life and memory of Wellstone AND THE OTHERS WHO DIED. Asking him not to attend really disappointed me, not only in Wellstone's family, but in the Democratic party as a whole.

I couldn't agree more about Ted Rall. If ever there was a person that deserved to be the topic of a Lileks screed, he's the guy.

How the Administration has treated Wellstone's death, Scott? What could be more disrespectful (and not just to Wellstone, but the seven others who died with him!) than co-opting a memorial service into a political rally??

I have never been as disgusted with the Democratic party as I am right now.

Someone needs to tell Mr. Rall that "wherefore" means "why," not "where."

I thought I saw stuff on CNN, btw. Dunno about this here media blackout.

I think folks miss the point of Rall's diatribe: it's not that it was an assassination; rather, it's that people would even begin to think of it as one.

And that, friends, is a truth you can't try and smear. More and more people feel that there is nothing that this Administration wouldn't do, including assassinations of other politicians.

Open your eyes, folks, you're being snowed by Ari Fleischer's press bullying.

if that's the kind of service that the family wanted to have than that's their right but i can't escape the sick feeling it left in the pit of my stomach...


If that's the point of the Rall diatribe, then he made it badly. All that he really did with that piece is lose whatever shred of credibility he had with me. After reading that, I was embarrassed that I ever considered myself a liberal.

Who are these people that would "even begin to think of it" as an assassination? I've had several conversations with people about the Wellstone death, and never once did an assassination theory come up.

In my opinion, what "more and more people feel" is that Ted Rall and co. on the radical left are ignorant, monster-shouting jackasses.

But that's just my opinion.

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