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rules, regulations, clarifications and by-laws

rules, regulations, clarificaitons and by-laws

Now I'm pissed. I'm about to close down my email account.

Last time, people.

Number 1: I was never a full-fledged liberal. I never wanted to free Mumia, I always thought Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky were boorish fools, I detest the utlra liberal way of protesting things. For christ's sake, people. I drive an SUV. What kind of liberal would do that?

Number 2: I have not "crossed over" to the extreme right. Please. I am pro-choice, I despise homophobes and racists and I don't believe in God. I don't think they would accept me even if I wanted to be on their side.

Number 3: Stop using my email as a venting point. If you want to comment on something I wrote here, that's what the comments are for. If you are afraid to make you statement by putting in public like I have, or using an actual name and/or email address, don't bother. And if you write me emails filled with innacurracies, horrible grammar and you spell the word "you" as "u" I will delete the mail without caring whether you made a valid point or not.

Number 4: If you have so much to say that you need to email me three times a day, get your own fucking blog and rant away. Don't waste my time if all you are going to do is call names and spout conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality.

Number 5: If you don't like my solutions to problems, come up with an alternative before you start bitching at me.

Number 6: I know you are but what am I, and I'm rubber your'e glue are not valid retorts.

Number 7: I welcome any and all debating on the issues I present here. I will never delete a comment unless it is abusive or threatening. I will not delete a comment just because you oppose my point of view. But I will not debate you or get into a discussion with you if all you want to do is call names and fight like a two year old.

Number 8: If you don't like me and don't like what I have to say, or what direction I've gone in, or what I believe in, and if your only reason for coming here is to tell me how wrong my personal opinions are and how disappointed you are in my political ideals, do me a favor. See that little "x" in the upper right hand corner of your screen? Click on it. Don't come back.


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"get yer own fucking blog..." I like that! ou tell 'em

michele is a boogerhead!!!!!

So, um, do you want a copy of Circle William? Just asking since I've not heard back. :)

I was reading one blog the other day.. I don't remember which one it was because I followed a link in a comment, and came to some blog that linked to someone else, etc.. You get the point.. The person was a raving lunatic and I didn't agree with anything on her blog save one thing, and maybe you should employ this, Michelle. If people emailed her something that was a rebut to something she'd written because they didn't want it to be out there for the world to see, she just posted it in her blog, and if they emailed her again in response to that, she posted their email address.. I liked that.. I mean a person can comment anonymously if they want to, so why send it in email in the first place.. That's not to say she posted every email generated from her blog, but emails that were really comments to posts from a person to cowardly to put them out there for everyone to see... She just posted them. At least she was merciful enough to give them one chance before their email address got posted. I've commented on your blog when I disagreed slightly with what you said, and I don't remember us hating each other afterwards. I don't see why everyone else can't do the same. And if they don't, just post the emails.. we all want a chance to see them anyway.

Michele, I'm so sorry to hear you're getting crap like this. I always enjoy your viewpoints AND the discussion here, as well. Well, you know how I feel about people telling you how to run your life/blog. It's interesting that you actually get personal e-mails about what you post... I only get gutless, anonymous blog commenters; only a select few actually have the stones to contact me directly about what I write. (But then, you'll notice I don't post much political stuff.)

You're a brave, strong one for putting up with this stuff as much as you do. Just tossing out my support from my little corner of the online world. hugs in the midst of the hug slips Michele a tire iron in case she wants to do a little bit o' head-bashing

Dude, you have e-mail? Send me one.

I e-mail you nice things sniff and I don't get a reply sniff. Some jerk e-mails you stupid crap sob and you write a whole blog entry to reply blubber.... I'm not hurt pout...


seems as though i posted my comment on the wrong post... i'll try again:

well i'm sure i don't get as much e-mail from comment trolls as you do but i used to get about 1 every week from random preteen girls who think i'm their new boyfriend. i had to put a warning under my e-mail address and take down my comments because of too many trolls puting up stupid shit. as is life.

Robert, that is a fine idea!

Michele, speaking out is our responsibility as citizens. Publish the asshats so we all may publicly deride them then return to civilized discourse with the rest of us.

so if trolls troll the comments, they're told to 'take it to the email'. if they send email, they're told to do it in the comments. nothing they do ever meets with a good response. what's a poor put-upon troll to do?

oh right. they can just shut the hell up. or, (good point) get their own damn blog.

We love you Michele ;-)

you're pretty sexy when you're angry...

And that's with ONE frickin' 'L' people...GET IT RIGHT!!!


Yop-Op-Urop Arop-Rop-Eop Sop-Urop-Cop-Hop Arop Lop-OpSop-Erop-Rop!

i don't ever list my email address on my webpage. you're brave, girlie. i'm with seki and robert. post the good ones. let us at 'em. (more importantly, let seki at 'em. she's much better at public derision than i am)


You da' bomb, girl!! Don't let THEM get you down with their hang ups . . .number 8 is the best !!

look all i was asking about was if DJ reaches the age of consent and...

aren't you glad that i started reading my links from the bottom up instead of in alphabetical order the way i used to? by the time i get to AFI, I'm all adviced out. That saves you at least one unsolicited mailing a day, anyway.

I'm sorry I mispelled your name in the post earlier.. You'd think as many times as I've seen it I'd know it. I'll try to do better in the future.

one L...one L...one L...one L
I think I've got it.

It's always good to have rules. This is my first stop when I'm heading out looking for news. The commentary here is always worth a look. The day that it's decided that our personal views are not allowed is the day we all meld together into one large ball of goo and ignorance. It takes ALL kinds to make the world go round. Consider yourself a star, coz you sure have us all thinking about our own opinions.

I'll add a "ditto" to Tracy, Mike, and tanya. Aw, what the hell, everybody.

OOOooohhhh. That's the first time I was dittoed all week. Damn that was good.

Anybody got a cigarette???

OOOOPS. Sorry Michele


The only emails I get say "I send you this to have your advice" or "I am Dr. Manimbo of Nigeria"....

Wow! That bad huh? I usually point people to an AOL chat room if they want to bitch and moan and generally make an ass of themselves.

bran say: post a handy-dandy guide for new visitors. your rules for linking/pinging, commenting, emailing, the whole shebang. put it along with your copyright information, right there in plain site. link to it in a prominent place. refer to it often. reply to violators of all house rules by sending them to your handy-dandy guide. if they still don't get it, they can fuck off.


If a kid is taught to use a computer in school, and uses his mad hexidecimal skills to create viri, can you blame the board of education for his crimes? What about the teacher who supported the kid: is the teacher a hyprocrite if he takes a role in the prosecution's case? And what about the grandparents? They supplied the kid a computer last year, and are now threatening to remove him from their estate if he doesn't clean up his act. Are they hypocrites, too?

If I help a neighbour build a deck, and one year later I find out he fondled my child so I kicked the shit out of him, would there be some sort of justification for someone to walk up to me and say, 'How can you do that? You helped him build a deck last year, and now you beat the hell out of him!'

I now believe that anytime a person is hit by a car and killed, the driving instructor, the car dealership and the gas station owner should be held responsible; they provided the training, the weapon and the fuel and it would be wrong to pass responsibity to the person who was actually behind the wheel.

By the way, Michele, if you ever do cross over to the extreme right, you'll pass me along the way. Give me a shout, and I'll meet you for coffee someplace and we can talk about people behind their backs.

Um...Mike??? How frickin' old ARE you??? Mad hexidecimal skills????

Ok...can I get fined for over-use of punctuation? Cuz yeesh...that last post was a little overboard.

I like bran's suggestion...but skip straight to the "fuck off" part... If you're not mature enough to know better when you're communicating with other people, you're probably not willing or able to read the rules anyway.

michelle... i like to refer to this phenomenon as 'emotional retardism' and it's why i am so disallusioned with the left.

michelle... i like to refer to this phenomenon as 'emotional retardism' and it's why i am so disallusioned with the left.

ah, it's my unshaken left-wing "let's reform!" faith in humanity speaking, Solonor. forgive me, i must've walked into the wrong blog and started spouting away unabated.

yeah, skip to the "fuck off" part.

if'n i can't use "I know you are but what am I, and I'm rubber your'e glue", then can i call infinity?

infinity! woooo! go me!

Wendy, I like to refer to people like that as "assholes." That way, I don't insult those that are truly retarded.

Michele, I do believe it's asshole season. Want to trade emails?

Actually, I reckon keeping the threats around, undeleted, are good evidence. Or something.

I used the word 'verily' today and the phrase 'I am well pleased' this past week in my blog, so I could be as old as 386 years if phrasing is any indication, Tracy.

Hey, I've gotten crap in my mailbox, too, from people too cowardly to just post their little missives in the comments, just for disagreeing with their housepet. Harpies. They have something to say, let them say it in public and demonstrate the courage of their convictions. Otherwise, they're pathetic trolls without the guts to take responsibility for their opinions.

However, I say as well: skip to the "fuck you" part. And how about that! I just happen to have the perfect link for it, too.


Use it in good health.

You are my hero. You always have been. I just needed to take a moment to tell you that.

meryl.. lol i know what you mean, however i know some rather endearing assholes that i wouldn't want to insult either. i'll just refer to them as "roachbugs" (as my grandma calls them)(southern accent for full effect)