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at the doctor's

at the doctor's

Appointment time: 10:15. Actual time doctor called me in: 11:45

What I told the receptionist when I called: "I'm having a hard time breathing."

Diagnosis given after two breathing tests and a treatment: "Well, it looks like you're having a hard time breathing."

Overheard conversation at reception desk:
Receptionist: "Mr. Green! How have you been?"
Mr. Green (who is about 60 years old and is wearing a layer of gold chains over to go with his wide collar leisure suit): Great! I've got a twenty year old girlfriend and she's still a virgin!"
Receptionist: "Um...that's nice, Mr. Green."
Mr. Green: "Hey, I'm just kidding sweetie. You know I only date whores!"

Oh, that's not the best part. There's more.

Guy 1 (about 35-40 years old, has that freshly hungover look): "Hey, dude! I haven't seen you in months!
Guy 2: Oh..hey. How you been?
Guy 1: Not bad. Still not working, just drinking and shit.
Guy 2: You still fucking Samantha?
Guy 1: Nah, Samantha is fucking girls now.
Guy 2: Oh, I hear ya on that.
Guy 2: Oh, look there's that sniper thing (looks up at CNN on waiting room television). You know, I thought of you when that shit first happened.
Guy 1: Heh, you thought it was me?
Guy 2: Well, it wouldn't have been the first time you went around shooting people.

I moved down about three seats at that point.


I've got a doctor's appointment at 2:30 tomorrow - let's see how American private health care and British socialised medicine compare? Socialised medicine wins if the doctor sees me before 4pm!

OMG. That is frightening. I can't believe those are real conversations.

I might have gone looking elsewhere in the building for a different doctor with a different clientele, myself.

um, I second Linkmeister's opinion.....am thinking the stress of hearing that didn't help your breathing much....
(hope you're feeling better now)

I think maybe you should change doctors....

Why did you move? Did my pits stink?


feeling better?

I sympathize completely, but then again I've been intending to change doctors for a while now. I just don't go often enough to make it worthwhile, I guess. The last time I went I had an eye irritation and they told me I had an eye irritation, after I'd gone in, heard from the receptionist that I had to make an appointment, went home, called them, made an appointment for later that afternoon, missed German, and finally went back in to be told what I already knew.

please. you changed seats so you'd be closer to the front of the gets-to-shoot-people-next line. admit it. no cuts!

yikes. there should be an option when calling 1800doctor to avoid the crazies.