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loony pacifist of the day

and the loony pacifist of the day award goes to........

A group of Americans known as Voice of The Wilderness, took a little trip to Iraq this week to show their support for Saddam the anti-war movement.

Kathy Kelly, a 49-year-old former Chicago high school English teacher who is a co-founder of Voices in the Wilderness, spoke out against the Bush administration and in defense of positions taken by Mr. Hussein.

At one point, she said she wished that the United States government would follow Mr. Hussein's example in ordering the emptying of Iraq's prisons, a move the Iraqi leader made last Sunday, in part to counter Mr. Bush's descriptions of him as a murdering tyrant.

"I wish people in our country would be willing to show the same spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation to the two million people in our prisons," she said.

Sure, Kathy. We'll in your home town, in fact. Let's open the prison gates and let all those convicted murderers and rapists and child abusers walk through your neighborhood.

Of course, you wouldn't know it was even happening because apparently, your head is up your ass.

"When I ask myself who has created the greatest threat to the people of Iraq, my answer is, the United States," Ms. Kelly said.

Yes, because gassing your own people and killing children and torturing your citizens is not a threat at all. Right?

The issue for the Bush administration, she said, was not Iraq's weapons of mass destruction but control of its oil.

You know how on the Charlie Brown cartoons the adults don't really speak, they just say wah-wah-wah-wah-wah? That's what I hear everytime someone says "it's about the oil."

"However I come from the United States, and my primary responsibility is to speak out against the U.S.A. My responsibility is to speak out against my government inflicting punishment unto death upon hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children under the age of 5."

I had on idea that our primary responsibility as United States citizens is to speak out against our government. Hell, I speak out against it all the time. But I had I known I had a responsibility to do it, I might have taken the job more seriously. As for the inflicting punishiment and death upon the little ones, I must once more delve into yesterday's back of tricks. Let's see, which of the quotes shall I use this time? Oh, here's a good one: This is a regime that will drag in a man's wife, daughter or other female relative and repeatedly rape her in front of him. This is a regime that will force a white-hot metal rod into a person's anus or other orifices. This is a regime that employs thalium poisoning, widely considered one of the most excruciating ways to die. This is a regime that will behead a young mother in the street in front of her house and children because her husband was suspected of opposing the regime.

But no. It's the good old USA that is killing the Iraqi children.

And don't tell me about sanctions. I know the sanctions didn't work. So what do you want us to do now? Oh...more sanctions? Please, take off your rose colored glasses. They are making you blind.

Is there really anyone besides this lone voice of delerium in the wildrness who thinks that Saddam's reasons for letting those felons out of prison was anything but altruistic? She's either very naive or she's been smoking way too many peace pipes.

link via Kathy Kinsley, who manages to say what I wanted to say in so many less words, rather succintly.


IMHO, the problem is not that it's not about the oil, it's that some people or organisations are so driven by a certain point of view that they don't see that things aren't black or white most of the time.

I believe oil is a factor, I also believe Saddam Hussein's abuse of what money does flow into Iraq, plus his control of the media there contribute to the country's problems, too.

I think part of what Ms. Rose-Colored-Glasses misses is that the vast majority of those people Sadaam released from prison were not there by justified means in the first place. Dissidents, political objectors, "radicals" and the like. These are not people who were tried and convicted in a court which gave them the benefit of the presumption of innocence and safeguarded their rights more scruplously than those of their victims. Pure and simple, these so called released "prisoners," on the whole, committed no crime we would recognize in this country.

It's people like Ms. Cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs that make it hard for reasonably sane people to have an intelligent conversation about Iraq. Good grief!

Such bullshit....That woman needs to go live in Iraq, live by Iraq's laws, and then let us know if she feels the same.

You are too funny. Great post and I agree 100%

Forgiveness and reconciliation? I have an idea for her - she can move down to Starke (home of death row here in FL) and all the prisoners can be released into her custody. She'd be tooting a different horn with the scumbags over there milling around her living room.

An Iraqi take on the protesters here.

Gotta finally admit it - I adore you ;-)
Er, oh yeah - the thing with Hussein's prisoners, vs. ones in the US, is they probably have not done anything other than somehow defy Hussein - unlike the rapists, murders etc, in the US prisons! SO BFD on his releasing them - they likely were jailed for political reasons-period!

Nicely done. People like her dwell entirerly in a fools paradise, untroubled by things like doubt or reality. If Iraq didn't exist she'd still be marching in a protest for something. Being on the fringe seems to be satisfaction enough, how could she hold a romantic revolutionary view of herself if she were normal,....or sane.

Who the feck are these people and which sanatorium did they escape from?
Very nicely done Michele, I wonder if she would e as forgiving to someone who committed the same atrocities in her hometown.

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