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Natalie went to the America Idol concert tonight. She and her friends made humungous signs to carry around. Most teenage girls, when making such signs for a concert, will often make posters with hand drawn hearts and "I love you!" plastered all over it.

Instead, Natalie and her friend made one sign that said nothing but 'JUSTIN, YOU FREAK,GET A HAIRCUT!' The other had a very large picture of Simon's face. They drew a bullseye target over the picture and made horns sticking out of his head. They also put lipstick and eyeliner on him.

Natalie is, unfortunately, her mother's daughter. Save for the crappy taste in music.


The great thing about being a pragmatically evil person such as myself is that I don't have to actually breed for my evil to be passed down through the generations... either I can teach it to the young or the evil incarnates can breed and pass along similar strains of evil to their progeny.

i'm under a similar contract, Laurence.

Laurence gives me hope yet...

Bahahahahahaha. Justin also needs a new expression on his face in place of his current "doof" look.

Errr... who are these people "Justin" and "Simon"?

Forgive me, but I haven't been able to listen to music since John Entwhistle died.

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