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and they say the right are conspiracy theorists...

and they say the right are conspiracy theorists....

What.The.Fuck? (make sure to read the comments, also)

Wait, there's more: CNN Involved in Jesus Box Hoax, News service is major pipeline for Illuminati propaganda
--U.S. Government uses mind control to create an assasin dream team, including John Hinckley, Jr. and Mark David Chapman.
--Covert Intelligence Group Uses Psychotronic Weapons Disguised as Garbage Trucks on US Civilians

The things you can find by clicking on links in your referrer stats is amazing.


P.T. Barnum must be smiling now. Sometime I despair of my fellow citizens.

You know, I'll bet they find out that Elvis himself was the pilot. He parachuted to safety moments after ensuring the plane would indeed crash, was picked up by a black helicopter, and is now hiding in Area 51 with Marilyn, JFK (who cleverly faked his own death) and the captured aliens. The three of them and the aliens are just waiting for the chaos of war to stage a coup d'etat, you know. Oh yeah... if I find this scenario in the Weekly World News next week, I'm gonna be pissed off.

You know I have been wondering why all these dems are crashing in little private planes. Why do they fly in private planes? Call me uninformed- do all senators-etc. fly in private planes? Or is it just democrats? Which party is the party of the rich-::cough::

Ye gods. I can feel brain cells shriveling up and dying because I followed that link.

Whoooooooo... wow.

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