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cranium blowout!

I revamped the about me page. It is now a short version with all the basic things you need to know; a primer for figuring out what makes me tick, and one of the only about pages with comments open. I'm not afraid of you.


cranium blowout!

I was just about to make this long, rambling post about the media not referring to the "hostage-takers" in Russia as terrorists, even though that's precisely what they are.

Alas, it will have to wait. I just realized that Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead) is about to begin on IFC. Run, run, run to your television sets! Goriest movie ever! Peter Jackson! Blood! Gore! Campy dialogue! Ridiculous plot line!

Best horror movie ever, no doubt.

Seriousness shall wait until tomorrow.


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I have seen my fair share of bloody, campy horrow movies and Dead Alive definitely took the cake. Enjoy!

"We're gonna have to call in...The Boys."

Who knew Peter Jackson had both this and LOTR in him? What a guy.

Before seeing Dead Alive, I read a review that went something like "Evil Dead 2 began a new genre of gory, goofy horror movies. Dead Alive finished it." Absolutely true. Where could you possibly take the genre after that?

Great movie, but isn't Dead Alive just one of the crappiest movie names in history? Someone on Radio called Peter Jackson a hack who 'played to critics' with Lord of the Rings by making the movie 'too dark for the paying public'. He also said that Spielberg (man, that's harder to spell than i thought) produced groundbreaking, artistic movies.

Ok, hands up who's bored of this 'one of the people crap'? I'm bored of being British. Get me a boat. I'm going to Mexico...

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