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what a compassionate man

what a compassionate man

So our copy of The Ring sucked (what do I expect for free?) and Justin is working on a deadline. That leaves me and you, baby. And a bottle of tequila. And this:

His Excellency President Saddam Hussein of Iraq has urged the Chechen terrorists holding 700 hostages in a Moscow theatre to release their prisoners. President Saddam Hussein claimed that “the true enemies of the Moslems” are the USA and Israel, not Russia. “Listen to the voice of Baghdad and if you are convinced, do what you should do (free the hostages and do not harm them)” said the Iraqi President on a televised message on Iraqi TV tonight.

He added that “Islam is a humanistic doctrine and not a fanatical one” and warned the Chechen terrorists that fundamentalist religious tendencies would deprive the Moslems of the sympathy of the Russians and the other countries of the world.

“This is Baghdad’s message. Zionism and the USA are the oppressors, not Russia, China and India”, continued the message. [emphasis added]

Yea. Anyone still think Saddam can be reasoned with in a diplomatic manner?


Only by China, Russia and India.
Got a spare shot of tequila?

I got a whole bottle of Jose. Come on over.

Yeah, I got that shitty copy too. Still watched it. Was s'alright. Worth the 34 cents it cost to burn it :-)

All I got is Art Tatum, a cigar and a sinking feeling.

Fuggit, got me a little Jim Beam and coke and a french flick. Yeah, it's a rockin night in the big city!

Give Saddam a break,

Saddam gave his creditors ($11B) and possible saviors (UN veto) the best try he could. Of course he had to blame some one, and he chose the old Arab favorites, the J-E-W-S and the US.


NO BREAKS FOR SADDAM......he is too stupid and crazy........

Saddam..........gotta love that he is trying to butter up the Russians and the Chinese......right now he is playing poker with his Burt Reynolds look alikes that he seems to surround himself with..Whenever ine of em wins a hand he shoots him and replaces him with another Burt......He is especially fond of the "Burt circa Loni Anderson" look......

fuck him...........


I'm there on the crazy part. Saddam is a little left of center. This is the man that gasses his own people.

He is not stupid, though. That's why he's paying the families of suicide bombers. That's why he is saying that he will allow weapon inspectors in... for now. That's why he's 'negotiating' with the Kurds. Show to the world that you have no problem with this superpower, only that one and stall.

Which only makes me think that he may be close to something. Not that I know