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a picture is worth a thousand margaritas

a picture is worth a thousand margaritas

A digital camera is a dangerous weapon in the hands of the slightly drunk.


This one is for Christine and her Picture Yourself project. About damned time, I know.


You're such a punk rocker.

oh my god....is that you? holy shit.....

Yes. Tis me.

Jinx hoopty

wow...no kidding.

Hoopty had my exact thought. You look like a punk rock porn star.Rawr.

Awesome pic!

that is the coolest picture i've ever seen. keeper.

Veeehhhhry nice! Oh yeah, baby!

Very nice! Love the green. You know what they say about green wink wink nudge nudge say no more...

ok, wanna know the first thing I thought? "gee, she must be cold in that sleeveless thing."
damn, how boring!

WHOAH! That's what the world-famous Michele looks like? Yowza!

Now that is a sexy picture! Grrr, baby, grrr!

that is an awesome picture. looks like you took it thru dailey's margarita mix. appropriate.

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