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attention blogger users

attention blogger users

found at plasticbag.org:

Blogger has been hacked. Many many people have been affected. change your server password immediately - it might have been compromised. Your passwords have been changed so you can't access your account. your url has been changed so you can't publish. if you gain access there's no way to change your settings back because the database has collapsed.

If this concerns you then follow these easy instructions to rectify the situation:

Go to Dreamhost.com
Sign up for service
Register a domain name
Download Moveable Type
Put the past behind you.


i'm trying to get my lone blogger friend on to movable type after this. she got all hissyfit on my ass. how rude. i'm just saving her soul, after all.

I did exactly that. And look how I turned out. Um...on second thought...

I did exactly that. And look how I turned out. Um...on second thought...

While a plan to move to MT is in the works as I type ... this sucks. Currently backing up my entire site to my hard disk, just in case I missed anything... and getting in touch with my webhost to get the password changed.


dreamhost was badly hacked 3 years ago (they erased all files). but since then, things are going well and better everyday for dreamhost. so, who knows? :) although, i've done your instruction waaaay back and totally supports it.

Dreamost does daily backups, they say. So even if our DH accounts were hacked, they could be restored. So we have nothing to worry about...



yeah...when I posted this morning and my "view web page" link went to "http://www.blogger.com/hacx0redbyme", it kinda tipped me off.

Good thing I was planning on getting the new MT site up this weekend anyway. Guess I'll put a rush on that.

I had to hear about this hacking from others, interestingly.