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moose and elk all night long

moose and elk all night long

I spent most of this evening engaged in the lost art of diorama making. The subject was elk habitats and the child whose project it was had become unbearably hostile towards his endeavor. Towards the end I was tempted to make a few elk out of molding clay, squish them into the shoe box and write a sign that said "Elk as Road Pizza."

By the time the elk were happily nested in their snowy habitat, the sniper news had already broken and the Moose conference had wrapped up.

Hey...elk....moose. There's a story in there somewhere.

Anyhow, I felt as if I had watched a suspense movie and the cable went out just as I was finding out whodunit.

Of course, I knew whodunit in this one, since Mr. Mohammed's face was plastered all over the news today. The question that remains is, whydunit?

No one will be able to convince me that this was not an act of terrorism. Mohammed and his companion were extracting their own personal jihad on America. Domestic terrorism, they call it. Unorganized terrorism, I call it. Either way, Mohammed has a message and he just hasn't delivered it to the mountain yet.



First, let me start by saying that i am happy that someone has been picked up in the sniper case. with that said, let me tell you what i don't think is right. on all of the media on tv last night, they kept repeating that they have the suspects in custody, that no charges had been filed even as late as the 11 pm news, against these 2 men and yet we knew all of their history, everywhere they have ever lived and the media was describing them as monsters, killers, evil men. let me say again, that i am happy that someone is under arrest. what i object to, is the media convicting them before they have even been charged with a crime. i just got up, so i don't know if they have been charged with the murders yet, but the whole thing as it happened last night, just was too easy. it smelled bad. within 24 hours, we had names, houses all over the country where the 2 of them had lived, bullets in tree trunks and all of the info seemed to fall into place only hours after our president spoke for the first time on the sniper case. i'm not saying this is a conspiracy, hell, i don't even know what i'm saying, i'm sick and feverish...lol i just don't like the way the whole conclusion has been playing out. monsters, killers, evil men who changed their names and began believing in allah, have been captured and not charged but the media wants you to know just how evil they really are. sorry i rambled, i'm heavily medicated. feel free to disregard this whole thing...lol

kat, i know what you're saying, medicated or not, and you're being fair, where other people (*cough* me) would just as soon hose them down with napalm and strike a match, as give them a trial. but the police have evidence that these are the snipers. the reason they don't charge them immediately is because if they randomly charge them with something, and it doesn't hold up, if there's even reasonable doubt as to the charges, these men could walk. they need to be very careful right now, and very careful involves a lot of paperwork and time and proofreading.

At least you didn't go for the Squirrel/Moose connection.