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waking to a nightmare

waking to a nightmare

There's so much going on with the sniper investigation that I haven't had time to digest it all yet.

I find myself distracted from sniper talk by the events in Russia: "At least 40 armed Chechen rebels stormed a crowded theater and took hundreds of people hostage in the midst of a musical, threatening early Thursday to shoot their captives and blow up the building if Russian security forces attacked."

This situation is beyond frightening. The theater has been planted with explosives and mines. Most of the rebels are wearing explosives.

I feel as if everything is spinning out of control. Snipers, bombs, civil wars, explosions. Something must be done to send a message to purveyors of terror and evil world wide that we will not stand for it any longer. The world will not be held hostage by martyrs and infidels and dictators. A message needs to be sent, before there is no one left to hear it.

Faster, please.

Ok, one thing on the sniper. This is what he asked Chief Moose to say last night:

You have indicated that you want us to do and say certain things. You've asked us to say, quote, We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose, end quote. We understand that hearing us say this is important to you.

Kathy Kinsley did a little research on the phrase "duck in a noose" and came up with this:

The latest message to the killer caught my interest. Moose said, at the killer's request: "We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose." So I started a Google on this. I think the reference may be to a Cherokee story of a trickster rabbit who goes duck hunting, and catches a duck in a noose. The duck flies away, carrying the rabbit until the rabbit can't hold on anymore and falls into a tree. In short, the duck isn't caught at all.

I think the Moose is playing right into the sniper's hands with that one. He is most likely using the media to broadcast coded messages of his own to any cohorts he may have.

Anyhow, let's see what the latest happenings bring while I go make some coffee. It could be a very interesting day.


I'm excited. I'm looking forward to some quality information from the torture interrogation sessions. Grrr...

As for the Chechen rebels...the Russians have not forgotten how to deal with such as they. And I'm not advocating/rationalizing/anythinging but I'm glad that it's not just us, that perhaps everyone will now realize that we are all targets, not just the Big Mean United States, and get their collective heads out of their collective asses.

"Faster, please" indeed. Couldn't agree more. And I have to wonder if the Russians will be waiting for UN Security Council approval when they go after the Chechens, or if we'll be demanding that they do. What will the French or the Germans have to say about it all, hmmm?

I think the "I am God" thing had something to do with sending messages too.

So you propose threatening people who are so desperate that they feel that suicidal attacks are their only hope of getting attention for their cause. These threats would be so draconian that they would cease and desist considering such suicidal attacks. I cannot imagine what could possibly be said as a threat which could make someone who is already insanely desperate feel that they better reconsider the consequences. Please share with us what kind of threat you feel would be effective at convincing someone who already feels that death is their only option that they would be worse off if they go ahead with their suicidal plans.

I don't see what saying these things is going to do to help the investigation, is he going to stop shooting people if they say it?

Hostage taking is a frighteningly effective tool. Give in to demands, it becomes a more attractive tool. Don't give in to demands, people could die. Give it hordes of media attention and fuel the fire. Don't put it in the media, the public is outraged they aren't informed. I am not sure how we let these nutjobs know their violent antics detract from the point they are trying to make instead of enforce it. that is a question people have been trying to answer for centuries. Unfortunately, it is hitting much closer to home lately.

I'm beginning to think that this Chief Moose isn't exactly the swiftest ninja in the gang.

I live in Portland, OR, which is the town that Chief Moose's previous job was in. Let's just say Moose sometimes ain't too bright. He said a few of stupid things while he was here, a couple of them racist in nature. He was pretty much run out of town by the media and I think our spineless bubble headed mayor was tired of supporting him. To be fair, our mayor doesn’t support ANY police chief, which is why the position has been a virtual revolving door since she’s been in office. But back to Moose. To be fair, Moose was a big proponent of community policing. He got patrol officers out of cars and put them on bikes and on walking beats. He moved his family into a nasty neighborhood. I thought that was pretty brave of him to put his family in that situation and try to make inner city neighborhoods safer, given his salary he could have easily have lived in an upper scale suburb. Whatever one night think of him, I got the impression he is passionate about his work, which might be the cause for the stupid comments. I think he sometimes speaks before he thinks, which is bad being in a job that is very much political. I’ve cringed watching him being thrust into the national media, because he looks out of his element, and I’ve been hoping he wouldn’t say anything too stupid. Overall I think he’s done OK. I think he learned a lot from his tenure here in Portland.

I think Chief Moose is doing the best he can with what he has to work with. Sure, at times he has come off a bit like a goofus, but cut him some slack. He has been nothing but a mouthpiece for his higher ups and the FBI. He is probably handed a script of what to say every time he gets out there. He certainly was not prepared to become an instant "celebrity."

He does, however, convey a passion for his work. I like that about him.

On chief moose - I would rather have a police chief with a passion for enforcing the law than one who is great in front of the cameras. The smoozy good in front of the camera ones are more interested in the power of the position than what they can do for their community. I think it is possible he seems so awkward because he is afraid of saying the wrong thing and knows he is under a microscope.

I thought Moose was a complete dipshit for a while, and the latest goof of speaking to the two assplows about ducks and geese and whatnot surely wasn't only his decision, but it does seem kind of dumb and premature.

But I agree, he seems like a very passionate guy and his resume is VERY impressive. He just isn't very articulate.

But then again, neither am I.

Perhaps the Cherokee folk tale doesn't have anything to do with the message. There is a product for hunter's called a duck noose -- it's a decoy.

I also feel fear from the message. The first question we should ask is who the message is intended for, and why was it important that it was broadcast over national (and probably international) television media? Getting that message broadcast was the only demand the snipers really made, because I think the $10 million demand wasn't a plan, but either an opportunity, or used as a device to wrap up this part of a larger operation.

Unless there was a TV in the Caprice, how would the snipers know what Chief Moose was saying? There has to be more people involved involved in this. Plus the many different vehicles that were identified as the snipers vehicle.

I also fear that this is a "call to arms" for scattered terrorist cells.

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