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coping in different ways

we all cope in different ways, i guess

Natalie took the hamster death rather well. She said she had a "feeling" about it last night. Her friend Jessica came over and Justin took them outside and helped them bury Kobe and the babies.

Ten minutes later DJ comes in the house with his friends. I carefully explain to him what has transpired. He looks in the cage.

"So, there's only one hamster left?"
"And it's my hamster?"
He peers into the cage and says nothing. A few seconds pass and he suddenly pumps his fist in the air and shouts to his friends, "HAMSTER SURVIVOR CHAMPION!"
His friends high-five him and they run outside.

Don't worry. He's already seeing a good therapis.


We had a hamster named "Theodore" for about two years. We had a ball we could put him in and he could run in it and roll all around the house, slinging hamster-turds from the air-slits like some crazed seeding machine. He had a wheel in his cage that he must have put 50,000 miles on. Old Theo was an energetic hamster.

He dropped dead in the wheel one night. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. The little shit was running his ass off one minute, then just quit. He never ran again. I think he must have suffered a massive coronary.

We buried him in a shoe box in the back yard. My son took it hard.

oh shit. what a kid. tequila shots on me, sugar.

I think there's a problem with the links, they all seem to go to the redcross link.

Thank you, Matt. It's amazing what one little extra quotation mark can do to fuck you up.

is it bad that this is the best laugh i had so far this week? if not then thanks for that.
he's a hell of a kid.

that is too funny! It's nice to be able to laugh in the middle of scarey times when everyone is out of work, debts are looming, people are killing and dying...

My son would have been inconsolable-at least until time for dessert.